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Top 12 Stevie Nicks best songs of all time 2021, Full information

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About Stevie nicks | Stevie nicks best songs

It is difficult to come up with enough superlatives to capture Stevie Nicks’ mercurial talent. She remains the only woman in history to be inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Women in Music Halls of Fame. The respect of her peers is far more important to Nicks than the accolades. Known as one of the most distinctive rock singers of the 1980s, she’s also an accomplished songwriter.

From work with Buckingham as a performer to her time as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac to the songs she released as a solo artist, here are the ten most memorable songs Nicks has written over the years. From a glance at her catalog, it’s hard to deny her unparalleled status as a trailblazer. Her legacy is untarnished, and her work is unparalleled.

There are many amazing songs produced by Stevie Nicks. As well as writing and recording songs that are intelligent, passionate, and honest, Nicks has always possessed an ability to make songs that are accessible, universal, and reachable. Since Nicks began sharing herself with the public and connecting with her fans, she has become more and more loved by those around her.

Below, find Top 12 Stevie nicks best songs of all time and expect to hear some of the most impressive vocals along with it.

Stevie Nicks best songs
Stevie Nicks best songs

Top 12 Stevie nicks best Stevie nicks songs of all time

  • “Planets of the Universe”
  • “I Can’t Wait”
  • ‘Crying in the Night’
  • ‘Blue Denim’
  • ‘After The Glitter Fades’
  • ‘The Chain’
  • ’Rooms on Fire’
  • ‘Stand Back’
  • ‘Dreams’
  • ‘Edge of Seventeen’
  • ‘Rhiannon’
  • ‘Landslide’

12.”Planets of the Universe”

best stevie nicks songs of all time

As she wrote “Planets of the Universe” about her disintegrating relationship with Buckingham in the context of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album (a demo version of the song appears on the expanded version of the album), Nicks wrote it about her disintegrating relationship with Buckingham. When Nicks stripped out one of the song’s more bitter verses in 2001, he scooped up the Hot Dance Music / Club Play chart with producer John Shanks and remixer Tracy Young.

11. “I Can’t Wait”

best stevie nicks songs of all time

Timespace notes that Nicks wrote the liner notes for “I Can’t Wait” in one take, according to the 1991 collection. While she acknowledges that some vocals are magic that can’t be beaten, she was slightly less fond of the video for the song: in I Want My MTV . The story of the music video revolution is told by Rob Tannenbaum and Craig Marks in which Nicks admits he looks at the video and says in his mind, “I thought you’d taken it a bit too far, couldn’t you?

10. ‘Crying in the Night’

best stevie nicks songs of all time

This chart-topper was supposed to be Buckingham Nicks’ first song from the self-titled album, but was never able to occur. Yet, Mick Fleetwood was soon drawn to the duo, who he wanted to incorporate into his own band.

Stevie Nicks’ power-pop track proclaims how dangerous obsessive love can be and warns of the dangers in her aggressive writing. This is one of Stevie’s classics.

9. ‘Blue Denim’

stevie nicks crystal visions – the very best of stevie nicks songs

Though Street Angel may not have been Nicks’ favourite album, it does hold one beautiful moment, the gorgeous ‘Blue Denim’, which was written right as she was leaving Fleetwood Mac and drug addicted.

According to Buckingham, the song is about the man who came into her life, but left just as quickly. Intense eyes were the hallmark of his song. The track is equally beguiling and has a way of capturing your imagination and taking you on a journey.

8. ‘After The Glitter Fades’

stevie nicks crystal visions – the very best of stevie nicks songs

She is perhaps best remembered for her 1981 solo album Bella Donna and the magnificent song After The Glitter Fades.

Nicks transcends the terrain to reach the heavens without ever looking back. This quote is a great example of her ability to move beyond the terrestrial. By allowing her audience another glimpse into her soul, Nicks beautifully maintains the vulnerable moments of the song.

While this track may not be remembered by many, we and Glen Campbell, who recorded a cover of it, found it appealing. Stevie Nicks is rightly revered as the voice of magic in the original and by extension, the original is on another level.

 7. ‘The Chain’

stevie nicks crystal visions – the very best of stevie nicks songs

One of the most unifying tracks of the album, the track is built out of pieces contributed by different Fleetwood Mac members. A flawless selection of music that moves effortlessly across the seventies spectrum, the group demonstrates their versatility on this one and declares themselves to be supporters of music in all its forms.

Nicks’ voice and lyrics are what remain in our minds after listening to the song. It may well have been created by the band as a whole. This is a great demonstration of the singer’s ability to command not only a room but the airwaves as well. Her glint in her eye and smile on her face is what makes her so compelling.

6.’Rooms on Fire’

In the song “Two Sides of the Mirror,” Nicks again proves he’s a master songwriter. The track appeared on his fourth solo studio album, 1989’s The Other Side of the Mirror.

Her relationship with Rupert Hine inspired her to write Rooms on Fire, in which she tells her story of accepting the realization that the other things in her life will never be there again. There will never be a marriage for her, no children for her; these [those] things won’t happen.”

Up until 1999, Nicks played this track frequently at the end of his live shows. After that, it has not been played since. A new performance of the song should be coming soon enough.

5. ‘Stand Back’

Standing Back’s composition story is more intriguing than you might expect coming from 1983’s The Wild Heart. While riding to their honeymoon with her husband, Nicks heard Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette’ playing on the radio. Following her friend’s death, Nicks and Kim Anderson were married to her friend’s widower. The news surprised her.

They recorded the bare bones of the song by humming Nicks’ inspired tune and Anderson’s humming the tune. They used the humming process to lay down the bare bones of the song.

Despite her lack of a backing band, Nicks’ performance of this song is a reminder that she was a creative force even without a backing band.

4. ‘Dreams’ | Stevie Nicks best songs

Sly Stone’s room was just down the hall in Fleetwood Mac’s same rehearsal quarters as Stevie Nicks would often escape the intensity of the studio during Fleetwood Mac’s seminal record Rumours. Nicks wrote one of the most beloved songs at Grizzly Mountain.

The room was not hers, so it might have been fabulous, she remembered in the 1997 documentary about Rumours. As soon as I started writing it, I knew it would be special. As far as I was concerned, I wasn’t self-conscious or insecure about showing it to the rest of the band.” Recording was an experience that anyone would appreciate.

With an unnerving ferocity and amazing marksmanship, Nicks takes on her ex-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham in ‘Dreams,’ a song borne out of that highly charged situation.

3. ‘Edge of Seventeen’ | Stevie Nicks best songs

So many artists would follow Stevie Nicks’s example if she had pursued a solo career. As a solo artist, she arguably performed better than ever before after getting away from some famous bands. In her solo career, Nicks gave a powerful introduction to her music with ‘Edge of Seventeen.

Jimmy Iovine broke away from working with Tom Petty and took on Bella Donna, her eighth studio album, as Nicks the Queen of Rock. In the beginning, Jimmy Nicks told Nicks that he would make her a Tom Petty record, though it would be a girl version. “I was bouncing off the walls. I found that very exciting. Those were the beginnings.”

Even though Nicks had not yet released any solo material under her new name, the song was different from her two previous singles ‘Stop Draggin My Heart Around’ and ‘Leather and Lace’ from her debut album. In both releases, Nicks performed a duet with another artist.

“Edge of Seventeen” suddenly meant more to Nicks now that she was out on her own, knowing that Tom Petty and Don Henley provided ample vocal support on her previous albums. Nicks’s solo career was emphasized, and it was announced that time would not limit her abilities.

2. ‘Rhiannon’ | Stevie Nicks best songs

In fact, the band’s ‘best of’ sets still include the track ‘Rhiannon’, which remains a fan favourite. Nicks and Buckingham wrote it for their seminal 1975 album, self-titled, shortly after Nicks and Buckingham were introduced to each other. It is one of the greatest pop songs ever written, the perfect pop song about a witch, by far.

She used to say, and she is true to her word, that the song is about an old Welsh witch before she performed it at their live shows. The folkloric Rhiannon was introduced to Nicks through a novel by Mary Bartlet Leader called Triad, published in the Seventies. An unnamed wild woman possesses Branwen, another female character in the novel.

It made Nicks unique as a writer who was both able to draw on her own experiences and use mythological imagery.

1. ‘Landslide’ | Stevie Nicks best songs

Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s debut appearance, along with the release of Fleetwood Mac’s self-titled album in 1975, was responsible for Fleetwood Mac’s rise to fame. That success has been built on songs like this, which are extraordinarily rich and luxurious. The song has become one of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular live performances.

 Due in part to these emotions and Stevie Nicks’ undeniable vulnerability, the song’s lyrical content may suggest it is a love song however, the song is actually a reflection of Stevie Nicks’ vocational side.

Her worries were real when she lost her contract with Buckingham and Nicks, and had lost her dream of becoming a conductor. A great song owing to its longing is one of Nicks’ best. Nicks’ gorgeous and yet subtle vocals make this track feel so ubiquitous and universal

It is so inextricably linked to her past romantic love that it can too easily be considered a “love song”. There’s a good chance it’s a love song, but it might not be the kind we would expect. In this song Nicks extols the virtues of music, his only true love.

FAQ Related to Stevie nicks best songs

What song is Stevie Nicks known for?

The powerful debut album for Nicks’ solo career was entitled “Edge of Seventeen.”.

Did Stevie Nicks marry a woman?

Is Stevie Nicks married? In addition to her marriage to Kim Anderson, the widow of Robin Anderson, Stevie Nicks only had one child. Robin died of leukemia shortly after they married in 1983.

How much is Stevie Nicks 2021 worth?

Approximately $120 million will be Stevie Nicks’ net worth in 2021. Due to her professional success and increased earnings, she has an impressive net worth. She has won several awards and accolades and is one of America’s most accomplished and well-known artists.

Will Stevie Nicks tour in 2022?

A venue or music festival near you will host Stevie Nicks this year, the singer and songwriter who literally defined West Coast cool in the 1970s

Did Stevie Nicks raise her friends child?

Robin passed away soon after Matthew, her baby boy, was born. Nicks was shattered at the loss of her best friend. It was during this time Nicks went back on her decision of remaining a spinster. … The only thing I could think of to do was try to take the load off Kim by marrying him and helping raise their son.

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