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Summer 2022 Anime: Every Isekai Protagonist, Ranked


The isekai genre focuses on the death & reincarnation of characters as they transcend from one world to another. With the summer of 2022 showing the introduction of new & returning isekai anime, fans & viewers get more creative content on how life can be after being reincarnated. With the return of other isekai anime, such as Overlord, fans also see new sides to the existing isekai protagonists.

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The various isekai anime released explore a range of various emotions & possibilities. From all-powerful protagonists to more medically inclined ones, the isekai genre has added a list of new protagonists to its arsenal.


7/7 Michio Kaga – A Harem In A Fantasy World Labyrinth

Michio Kaga Eating Bread

Featuring the high school student & protagonist, Michio Kaga, this anime series shows the adventures of Michio, who gets transported to a rural village in a fantasy game world where he cannot log out from. Accepting his fate, Michio sets out on a new phase in his life, one where he would satisfy his sexual desires by creating a harem of Gorgeous girls who serve him only.

Finding himself in a new world, Michio discovers cheating abilities that enable him to analyze everything around him while knowing their strengths & weaknesses. He sets out in this new, unknown & exciting environment where he steels his mind to create a harem & enjoy his life.

6/7 Kanji Yakutani – Parallel World Pharmacy

Yakutani Shocked Reaction

Coming from a world where his sister was plagued & killed by an incurable brain tumor, protagonist Kanji Yakutani studied medicine & died from overwork in his past life. Reborn into a new world of magic with a divine blessing from the God of Medicine, the protagonist Kanji Yakutani now known as Pharma de Médicis, combines extraordinary medical skills with outst&ing medical knowledge from his past life to make proper medical treatment something available to all & not just the wealthy.

Given a second chance at life with extraordinary medical skills & knowledge from his past, Pharma de Médicis gets incredibly busy revolutionizing the medieval world’s medical knowledge & expertise.

5/7 Shibazaki Yōsuke – Uncle From Another World

Shibazaki Yōsuke Smiling

After awakening from a 17-year coma, this anime series showcases Takafumi Takaoka’s uncle, Shibazaki Yōsuke, who was put into a coma after being hit by a truck. To him, coming back after 17 years, modern-day japan looks different than it did in the past, so adjusting to life proves quite difficult & comical.

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Shibazaki Yōsuke is a 34-year-old man who confesses that he went to another world during the period of his coma. Back with various magical powers & abilities, Shibazaki Yōsuke uses them as he wishes, while his nephew Takafumi Takoaka plans to use them to make money through YouTube. While finding it hard to adjust to modern-day japan, the series explores Shibazaki Yōsuke’s adventures as he tries to learn the workings of modern-day society.

4/7 Yuji Sano – My Isekai Life

Yuji Slimes My Isekai Life

Reincarnated into another world, protagonist Yuji quickly discovers a world of magic that grants him a beast-tamer class character which serves as his boost to rapidly ascend the scale of power & become the strongest sage the new world has ever seen.

Yuji is a former salaryman who accidentally accepted the summons into a new world where he gets the class character of a beast tamer. With his class allowing him to tame slimes, Yuji quickly uses the slimes to read a deceased sorcerer’s knowledge gaining impressive skills & taking him from novice to sage level almost instantly.

3/7 Sadao Maou – The Devil Is A Part-timer

Sadao Mao Holding Money

Coming back for a second season, The Devil is a Part-timer anime series shows the re-introduction of the demon lord Satan, who was forced to flee the world of Ente Isla by the hero Emilia. Arriving in Japan, Satan & one of his comm&ers, Alciel, face a lack of magic in the world of humans & must take on a part-time job to survive.

The second season of The Devil is a Part-timer reintroduces Satan, now known as Sadao Maou, as he tries to adapt to his life in the modern world & encounters other beings from Ente Isla as they also try to adapt to modern-day Japan.

2/7 Kelvin Celsius – Black Summoner

Kelvin With A Staff Black Summoner

Reborn in a strange world with no memories of his past life, the protagonist, Kelvin, of the anime series Black Summoner, learns that all his memories of his past life are gone in exchange for supreme abilities in the new world he finds himself in.

Reincarnated as the only S-rank summoner in the new world of magic, Kelvin must learn the details of this new world alongside his summoned contracts, one of them being the goddess of reincarnation, who reincarnated him & gave him his powers. As he journeys alongside his summons, Kelvin discovers that he is a battle freak as he goes on various adventures reveling in the feeling of battling formidable opponents.

1/7 Ainz Ooal Gown – Overlord

Ainz Staring Overlord

Based on a multiplayer role-playing game called YDDGRASIL, the Overlord anime series features the protagonist Momonga, the last logged-in player of the YDDGRASIL who gets trapped in the game. Striving to maintain the online game YDDGRASIL’s balance, Momonga gets reintroduced for a badass fourth season.

With the first season being released in the summer of 2015, the Overlord anime continues with its fourth season showing just how strong & strategic Momonga, also known as Ainz, can be. He continues to strive to make the once flourishing city of E-Rantel prosperous again by sending his flirtatious & intellectual right h&, Albedo as an envoy to the capital city of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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