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New Super Mario Lego Sets Announced


LEGO unveils its latest collaboration with Nintendo, revealing new Super Mario LEGO sets inspired by popular levels from the Mario games.

Princess Peach is the latest Mario character to get the LEGO treatment with a new interactive set.

Nintendo & LEGO have announced their latest partnership with the reveal of new Super Mario LEGO expansion sets planned to release in 2023. These sets will offer new Mario-themed settings for the LEGO figurines, as well as additional characters from the video game franchise.

This collaboration between LEGO & Nintendo is the latest in a series that began in 2020 with the release of the first Super Mario LEGO set. This release was a commercial success, leading LEGO & Nintendo to partner again to release more sets inspired by the plumber’s adventures. Since then, the two companies have released several packs to exp& this brick collection, including a massive 2,800-piece Mighty Bowser LEGO set. This gigantic interactive LEGO figure allowed builders to swing Bowser’s head from left to right & even throw a fireball out of his mouth.


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LEGO will launch new sets inspired by the Super Mario Bros. series in January 2023. With seven additional Super Mario LEGO expansion packs, brick lovers will be able to exp& their collection with various areas & characters from the Mario universe. One of the sets, the Character Packs, brings new figurines such as Birdo & a Green Toad, & other expansion sets will offer new locations & activities inspired by Mario games.

Here are all the upcoming Super Mario LEGO sets planned to release in 2023:

  • Character Packs – Series 6
  • Conkdor’s Noggin Bopper Expansion Set
  • Ice Mario Suit & Frozen World Expansion Set
  • Lava Wave Ride Expansion Set
  • Fliprus Snow Adventure Expansion Set
  • Creativity Toolbox Maker Set
  • Peach’s Garden Balloon Ride Expansion Set

Combined together, these new Super Mario LEGO sets make for a new action-packed level for Mario & his friends. These sets are meant to exp& on the existing Super Mario LEGO starter course with new obstacles, such as an interactive Conkdor figure to defeat or an ice level for Mario to skate on. The starter course is the only pack with a Mario figurine & provides the bricks necessary to build a basic level. The Super Mario LEGO starter course costs $59.99 & the new expansion packs range between $5.99 & $64.99.

These expansion sets are a continuation of the existing series & are intended to provide additional content to the previous Super Mario LEGO sets. They are inspired by the Super Mario video games & don’t seem to have any connection with the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie starring Chris Pratt & Jack Black.

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