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Super Nintendo World Holiday Collection Goes on Sale


super nintendo world holiday 2022 merch&ise

Select items from Super Nintendo World‘s holiday 2022 collection of merch&ise are now available for pre-order via third-party partners. Super Nintendo World, a new park within Universal Studios Japan, opened in 2021 & has been incredibly popular. Capitalizing on the theme park’s success, Nintendo has released a variety of seasonal semi-exclusive merch&ise, with holiday 2022 being the latest. Now some of this holiday Super Nintendo World merch is making its way overseas.


The holiday line of Super Nintendo World merch&ise was officially unveiled earlier in November. This coincided with a transition to a holiday theme at Super Nintendo World, which included Christmas tree, presents, & holiday lighting decorations. The holiday decorations include Super Mario Bros. sweaters, slippers, & socks, Christmas tree ornaments, mugs, keychains, cards, & more. It’s unclear if most of this merch&ise will make its way oversees or not.

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What is making its way overseas is a pair of plushie Mario holiday offerings. Nintendo Soup, which offers officially licensed Nintendo merch&ise through its online store, is taking pre-orders for two Super Nintendo World products. The first is a Mario snowman plushie, featuring a red scarf & a Mario cap. The second item is a Super Mario Bros.-themed wreath. It’s wrapped in red ribbon, & features mushroom decorations, a golden star & red bow at its top, & a Mario plushie at its center.

The Mario snowman plushie costs $69.99 to pre-order & the plush wreath is $59.99, before adding tax or shipping. It’s unclear when Nintendo Soup will have either item ready to ship, unfortunately. What is clear, though, is that both are available in extremely limited quantities. It’s possible that there may be few or no other options to buy these Super Nintendo World offerings, though, so Mario fans may want to get their orders in soon.

The official Nintendo online store doesn’t appear to be offering any holiday-themed merch&ise, which seems like a major oversight. Theme parks are major drivers of merch, though, so it’s perhaps underst&able. Relying on a third-party shop isn’t the best situation, but the alternative is to not have this Super Nintendo World merch available internationally at all.

For those looking for a special Super Mario Bros. present that doesn’t have to be holiday-themed, there are plenty of other options on Nintendo’s official store. There are plush turtle shells, Yoshi eggs, & piranha plants, Mario costumes, & all manner of clothing options. Those hoping for a very Super Mario Bros. Christmas will have plenty of options, Super Nintendo World merch&ise or not.

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