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Tales of the Jedi Makes a Good Justification for an Ahsoka Tano Video Game


The latest Star Wars animated anthology series Tales of the Jedi gave viewers more insight into Ahsoka Tano’s story, & it makes another good justification for an Ahsoka video game. Ever since she was introduced in The Clone Wars, Star Wars fans have not been able to get enough of her character & story. Since then, she has cropped up in all sorts of Star Wars media & is even going to be getting her own live-action show. It seems like Ahsoka fans have a lot to look forward to, but a video game could take it to the next level.


Tales of the Jedi gave viewers a look at never-before-seen moments in Ahsoka Tano’s life, but it has only scratched the surface. There is still so much of her life that is waiting to be explored, from her time between The Clone Wars & Rebels to her time before, & during, The M&alorian. While some upcoming Star Wars projects may explore these moments, nothing compares to actually being able to experience these moments as the character. There are no signs that an Ahsoka title is in the works, but there is massive potential for one that is just waiting to be tapped.

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Tales of the Jedi Added New Elements to Ahsoka Tano’s Story

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The new anthology series Tales of the Jedi was composed of six different short chapters that helped fill in gaps within the franchise. Three of the episodes followed the villainous Count Dooku’s never-before-seen backstory before he turned to the dark side, & the other three episodes followed new parts of Ahsoka Tano’s life. It filled in moments of her life that viewers had not seen, & even helped to recontextualize the heartbreaking Clone Wars finale.

The first Ahsoka Tano episode gave viewers a look into her younger years. Set a year after her birth, the episode sees a baby Ahsoka get kidnaped by a large predatory animal. She is able to subdue the animal via the force & has it guide her back to her village. Once she returns, the village elder realizes that she is destined to become a Jedi. While it did not add a lot to the character, it did give viewers one of the first looks into her life before the Order found her.

The second Ahsoka episode takes place during The Clone Wars & sees Anakin Skywalker train her. She becomes disgruntled with the battle simulations of the Jedi Order, & Anakin creates a new exercise involving the clones. She has to try to overcome their attacks, & she gets stunned every time she gets hit. She continues this training for years & gets better as she goes. The end of the episode reveals that this exercise proved vital for her survival during Order 66 as she was forced to combat the clones for real.

The third Ahsoka episode showed what Ahsoka Tano did at the end of The Clone Wars & Revenge of the Sith. She attends Padme Amidala’s funeral on Naboo where she is urged by Bail Organa to do something, but she refuses. Instead, she heads off & hides on a remote planet. It is there that she becomes a farmer, & uses that cover to hide from the Empire. However, she has to use the Force to save a fellow farmer. The brother of the farmer reports her to the Empire, & they send the Sixth Brother to take her out. He massacres the entire village, & Ahsoka beats him in a duel. This pushes her to join the Rebellion & sets her up to be a major figure during Star Wars: Rebels

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It is Time for an Ahsoka Tano Focused Video Game

Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars Rebels

There has been a decent amount of Ahsoka Tano content over the years, & there seems to be a lot more on the way. She played a pivotal role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars & also played a major part in Star Wars: Rebels. She appeared again in The M&alorian for her first live-action appearance, & was also in an episode of The Book of Boba Fett. She will also be getting her own show next year titled Ahsoka which will seemingly serve as a sequel to Star Wars: Rebels, & she has just received three episodes in Tales of the Jedi. That is a fair bit of TV content following the character, but she has yet to appear in any notable video games.

The only video games that Ahsoka has appeared in are The Clone Wars tie-in titles & as a playable character in a couple LEGO Star Wars games. None of these titles put Ahsoka’s story at the forefront, & none of them made the player really feel like they were the iconic Jedi. For a character that has had such a major presence across Star Wars, it seems only fitting that she should have a large presence in the video game space too. Fans want to be able to be the character, & the industry should deliver.

There are still a lot of unexplored parts of Ahsoka’s story, & they would make for some good video game settings. While viewers have gotten a bit of an insight into why she joined the rebellion, they still have not seen how she became Fulcrum by the time of Star Wars: Rebels. Star Wars has also shown how Ahsoka survived Rebels, but it has not shown how she went from the end of that show to where she was during the second season of The M&alorian. On top of that, there is nothing that shows what Ahsoka was doing during the five-year time skip in the final episode of Rebels.

Ahsoka Tano deserves a video game, or series of games, following her journey throughout the galaxy. There is so much story waiting to be told, & no one seems to be telling it. If the shows or movies will not explore these gaps in Ahsoka Tano’s story then the video game industry should. Not only could it help build out her story, but fans would also love to be able to finally control Ahsoka & her dual lightsabers. It would just be a blast to play, & could help exp& the Star Wars galaxy in whole new ways.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is on Disney Plus.

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