Tekken 8 Teasing Appearance At The Game Awards 2022


Developer B&ai Namco teases that the upcoming Tekken 8 will be making an appearance at The Game Awards 2022 show later this month.

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B&ai Namco teases that Tekken 8 will be making an appearance at the upcoming The Game Awards show. As Tekken 7 reached the end of its support last year, there were rumors that the fighting game developer would be making a new entry in the series. This ranged from new patents from B&ai Namco to other aspects, such as the Nvidia GeForce leak back in 2021. These rumors further intensified with the game’s first teaser trailer at EVO this year before B&ai Namco announced Tekken 8 at the PlayStation State of Play back in September. This announcement also included a gameplay trailer showing the game running on next-gen hardware.


Tekken 8’s appearance took many by surprise, where the gameplay showed off both members of the eternally feuding Mishima family locked in a battle in a frantic storm. This trailer revealed classic moves from both Kazuya Mishima & his son Jin Kazama utilizing their Devil Gene powers, with dynamic weather effects, along with highly-detailed & realistic graphics running at 60 FPS. Fans are likely going to see more gameplay of Tekken 8 later this month at the upcoming awards show.

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This was revealed in a br&-new teaser video posted on B&ai Namco’s official Twitter account, which showed off the game’s logo, along with the date of December 8, 2022. This lines up with The Game Awards 2022, which is set to feature a number of announcements from major publishers & developers. The teaser video doesn’t state what will be featured, just for fans to “save the date” & tune in during that time.

In regard to what could be shown at The Game Awards, there’s the likelihood of more gameplay involving the Mishima family, or even more members of the roster being revealed. There’s also the chance that Tekken 8’s release date could be announced, as stated by a previous earnings call that B&ai Namco aimed to have the game released within the 2023 fiscal year. That said, when the game was first announced, series chief producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that the release date for the game would only be revealed when it had reached a certain threshold in development, so this is just speculation at this time.

Despite the wait, Tekken 8 is looking to be a highly anticipated entry in the series. Not only does it Advance a full console generation after Tekken 7, but it is also touting to be the climax of the rivalry between the Depraved blood of the Mishima family members Jin & Kazuya. Hopefully, The Game Awards can shine a little light on what to expect for the eighth entry.

Tekken 8 is in development for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S.

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