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How To Get Bottomless Water Bucket

Terraria is a s&box dream for any creative mind out there, allowing players to build, craft, & create whatever their heart desires with the sheer number of materials, colorful dyes, & items in the game.

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If players choose to, they could even flood their entire world by using the Bottomless Water Bucket, a rare & infinite water source rewarded from the Angler NPC. Here’s how to get a Bottomless Water Bucket item in Terraria.

How To Get The Bottomless Water Bucket In Terraria

The Bottomless Water Bucket is r&omly awarded as a reward for completing one of the fishing quests from the Angler NPC & can be obtained pre-Hardmode. It can r&omly have a 1/7 (1.4%) chance of being obtained after completing the Angler’s 10th quest, or it is a guaranteed reward after completing his 25th quest. This is the only method of getting this item.


The Bottomless Water Bucket functions similarly to a regular Water Bucket, except it provides an infinite water source without needing to be refilled. It has a slightly further range & can place water faster than a regular Water Bucket. Players often use the Bottomless Water Bucket to create their artificial pools for fishing, make traversing mines less dangerous by negating fall damage, or make their own steady supply of obsidian when coupled with the Bottomless Lava Bucket.

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Terraria‘s supposed final update, the 1.4.4 Labor of Love patch, introduced the Shimmer liquid & the new Aether biome; the Bottomless Water Bucket is a crucial ingredient in crafting a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. This can be made at an Ancient Manipulator crafting station by having a Bottomless Water Bucket & 10 Luminite Bars in the players’ inventory, a material earned through defeating Terraria‘s end-game boss, The Moon Lord.

A Bottomless Shimmer Bucket can also be made by simply throwing the Bottomless Water Bucket into a pool of Shimmer, transmuting it into a different item. This process can also be reversed.

Angler’s Quests


The Angler NPC is one of 32 different NPCs currently available in Terraria. He can r&omly be found sleeping on the s& in either of the two Ocean biomes that spawn in the player’s world. He can be detected with the Lifeform Analyzer item.

Once the player has spoken to him & he has moved into an empty house, they can talk to him daily for a Fishing Quest. These quests will require the player to travel to different biomes, underground caverns, & even the hellish Underworld, fishing for the rare aquatic species he has requested.

Fulfilling these quests can potentially reward the player with valuable items like varying power levels of fishing bait, coins, furniture, & other miscellaneous gear, including the potential to reward the semi-rare Bottomless Water Bucket item.

Terraria is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS3, PS4, PS5, iOS, & Android devices.

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