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That ’90s Show Release Date Revealed In New Trailer From Netflix

that 90s show release date revealed in new trailer from

That ’90s Show, the sequel to That ’70s Show, has finally dropped a teaser showcasing some of what it has to offer. Netflix also announced the air date for the show’s freshman season, which sees the return of Red (Kurtwood Smith) & Kitty Forman (Debra Jo Rupp) as they receive a visit from their gr&daughter, Leia (Callie Haverda).

That ’90s Show was announced as a sequel to That ’70s Show nearly a year ago. That ’70s Show aired from August 23, 1998, to May 18, 2006, for 8 seasons & 200 episodes overall. It starred Topher Grace as Eric Forman, a teenager coming of age in the ’70s alongside his friends, who were played by Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Masterson, & Laura Prepon. Prepon played Donna Pinciotti, Eric’s neighbor & eventual love interest. In the 15 & a half years since That ’70s Show, the two had their daughter, Leia, & are now sending her off to visit her gr&parents for the summer of 1995.


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Netflix dropped a teaser for That ’90s Show that primarily revolves around the return of Rupp & Smith to their roles. It also showcases Haverda’s character, who appears to be a neurotic pushover like her father. Kitty & Red seem to be much the same as they were in That ’70s Show. Kitty is as accommodating to Leia’s friends as she was to Eric’s, while Red is just as displeased about a gang of teenagers hanging around his house.

Leia’s group of friends is not showcased very much in the teaser, but the ’90s set That ’70s Show sequel series has previously cast Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen, Maxwell Acee Donovan as Gwen’s brother Nate, Sam Morelos as Nikki, Nate’s girlfriend, Reyn Doi as Ozzie, & Mace Coronel as Jay. The trailer features the gang discovering old relics from the ’70s, including a brown paper bag, leading to familiar situations.

The teaser also does not reveal new looks at the returning That ’70s Show cast members, all of whom, sans Masterson, will be returning. It will be fun for fans to see what their favorites have been up to since the series finale aired back in 2006. It already appears that Kunis & Kutcher’s characters, who had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the original show’s first four seasons, have resumed their romance & gotten married in the interim years.

While audiences won’t get to see the characters in the ’80s (something that was teased several times throughout the original series), it is interesting to see that Donna & Eric presumably had a child right after the series finale. Donna had previously stated she did not want to be tied down so young, which was often a point of contention for the couple. It remains to be seen if that’ll be tackled in the new series. Plenty has yet to be revealed, as the teaser focuses more on the Forman residence, which is trapped in the ’70s, than showing off the ’90s vibes that will presumably creep into the series from other avenues.

That ’90s Show hits Netflix on January 19, 2023.

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