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The Devil in Me: How Long to Beat


The newest chapter in The Dark Pictures is called The Devil in Me, & depending on how it is played, gamers can get a lot of miles out of it.


In the newest The Dark Pictures chapter, called The Devil in Me, players have to escape a murder house themed after the American serial killer H.H. Holmes. Players have a lot of options for how to play this title, & each one of these options takes a different amount of time to complete. In order to just complete this game, players only have to see the ending credits. But completionists & players that want to save all five The Devil in Me characters will take a bit longer to make sure they beat this serial killer at his own game.


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How Long to Beat The Devil in Me

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Without any backtracking to save characters & without bothering to check every corner for The Devil in Me‘s obol coins, most players seem to beat this horror title in about 6-7 hours. While this isn’t a massive amount of time, the Curator’s Carve will add another several hours to this timer.

Unlike previous The Dark Pictures titles, the Curator’s Carve actually features the same storylines from other characters’ perspectives. This means that in order to see all the chapters & get all the different perspectives of each scene, players will need to spend a lot more time.

How Long to Complete The Devil in Me 100%


If players are looking to collect all the secrets in The Devil in Me, they will need to play through the game twice. There are two pieces of evidence that can only be found in the Curator’s Carve, in a chapter called Party that players don’t see in the Theatrical Carve at all. In order to complete the game 100%, players will need to collect the following:

  • All 50 evidence secrets.
  • Keep all five characters alive through both the Theatrical Carve & the Curator’s Carve long enough to see all scenes & get The Devil in Me‘s Happy Ending.
  • All five business cards.
  • Enough obols to trigger the trophy/achievement.
  • Complete all The Devil in Me trophies.

The Devil in Me Happy Ending Trophy Edit

Players can expect to get about 13 hours out of the Theatrical Carve & an additional 6-7 hours out of fully completing the curator’s Carve. A few more hours will be needed to make sure players get all possible endings to complete the whole game. There are a total of six different endings:

  • The Happiest Ending where everyone survives.
  • The Happier Ending where most survive.
  • The Ending where only one character survives.
  • The Secret ending where only the dog Connie survives.
  • The Rotten ending where Mark & Kate are captives of the murderer.
  • The Worst ending where Mark & Kate are captives of the murderer.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series S/X.

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