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Predicting the Best RPG Winner


The Game Awards are marked on a lot of calendars. Whether they’re looking for reveals & trailers for new titles, or simply want to see whether their favorite game of the year gets the attention it deserves, plenty of fans will tune in on December 8 to see what The Game Awards has to offer. This year, there are over 30 categories, each trying to crown the best of a given genre, such as RPGs.

This year, the Best RPG category has a lot of competition in its list of nominees. From remakes of popular JRPGS to expansive steps in iconic franchises, a lot of great games are filling out the Best RPG category this time around, making it a somewhat difficult choice to pick which title will win out. However, it does seem despite the overall quality of the nominees for Best RPG, one title st&s out among its competitors.


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Elden Ring


There has been a huge amount of praise for Elden Ring since its launch, both from long-time FromSoftware fans & those who started their Soulsborne journey with the studio’s latest release. Elden Ring is the next logical step in the FromSoftware formula, opening up the exploration previous Soulsborne games had & exp&ing it greatly. It gives players an entire world to roam around in, most of which they can see right from the beginning of the game should they wish to ignore the path set out before them.

Elden Ring not only sets a great new st&ard for open-world RPGs, but it also keeps a level of detail within character & build creation that allows players to fully engage with their role-playing. From Elden Ring‘s comprehensive character creator to the Tarnished’s series of collectible gestures, the game allows for a great sense of immersion that rivals some of the most iconic titles in the genre.

Live A Live


A remake of the 1994 classic RPG, Live A Live is a unique title from Square Enix that sees the player make their way through seven chapters that span the course of history, from the Prehistoric age to the far future. Each of these chapters Advance with their own stories, usually involving the player helping out an NPC in order to later take down the final boss of the scenario. Using the HD-2D presentation that fans may recognize from Octopath Traveler, the Live A Live remake manages to upgrade the original’s visuals while maintaining its nostalgic look.

Combining different stories with unique gameplay mechanics with each chapter, Live A Live remains a quirky RPG that has managed to draw new & old fans to it even nearly 30 years after its original release. Even months after launch, players are finding more details & Easter eggs from Live A Live each time they dive into another section of the story.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Given that Pokemon is one of the most established & popular franchises in gaming history, spending 25 years with a very consistent formula, a shakeup in a mainline game wasn’t necessarily expected. However, this is exactly what Pokemon Legends: Arceus did, as it removed players from their traditional Pokemon journey of moving between towns & working their way towards becoming a Pokemon Master. The player is instead transported to an early version of the Sinnoh region, where they find out some previously unexplained details about the Pokemon universe.

Alongside some major reveals about Pokemon lore, such as how the creatures manage to fit in Poke Balls, Pokemon Legends: Arceus also shifts up the way in which players find out more information about the Pokemon they encounter. Through the changed Pokedex in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it isn’t enough to simply catch a monster, & players must now complete research tasks, fully taking on the role of someone exploring the great Pokemon wilderness for the first time.

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Triangle Strategy


Throwing the player into a great conflict on the continent of Norzelia, Triangle Strategy also comes from Square Enix & is a turn-based strategy RPG. Releasing in early 2022, it is possible that some missed out on picking up Triangle Strategy at launch, but it is a title that RPG fans should try out if they’re looking for a modern twist on an established genre.

With an interesting roster of characters, crisp visuals, & combat that makes the most out of each environment, there’s a lot to like about Triangle Strategy. For anyone who wants to get lost in the politicking of a fictional setting, in a similar vein to Game of Thrones, they’ll want to look into Triangle Strategy, as even in somewhat of an oversaturated genre, it managed to st& out in 2022.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3


With references to Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & 2 for older players of the franchise, but not enough to scare away newcomers, the sixth entry in the Xenoblade Chronicles series managed to impress both fans & critics when it released in July this year. The game’s visuals, story, & characters managed to entertain throughout, which has made Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a Game of the Year contender as well as a nominee for Best RPG.

Moreover, what was interesting about the game was that in a year of delays, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 actually had its release date moved forwards, showing that Nintendo & Monolith Soft had well-placed confidence in the game. With a great score, gameplay, & storytelling, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one of the st&-out RPGs of the year, earning its place among its fellow nominees for Best RPG.

Final Prediction


There is a lot of quality in this category, & fans of the RPG genre might want to give each of these games a go if they haven’t already. However, there is one title among its competitors that seems as if it’s going to st& out at the Game Awards as a whole, & it is Elden Ring. With an immersive world crafted by George R.R. Martin & Hidetaka Miyazaki, gameplay that warrants exploration, & plenty of ways to build a player’s character, Elden Ring is likely to st& tall in the Best RPG category.

While Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could also make for a convincing winner, a lot of gamers believe that Elden Ring & God of War: Ragnarok will be sweeping the majority of their categories at this year’s Game Awards. At the very least, Elden Ring seems like it’s the comfortable king of the RPG circuit this year.

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