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The School For Good And Evil Best Characters


The School for Good & Evil is one of the most Gorgeous new fantasy movies that are perfect for cinephiles who love movies based on Cinderella & other iconic fairy tale characters. This brilliant movie is based on the popular YA book series with the same title & has brilliantly designed world-building as well as bewitching costumes. However, what makes the movie truly memorable & unique are its well-crafted characters who make viewers question the various fairytale archetypes they know so well.

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The movie’s story & the character development stayed mostly true to the heroes & villains of the novel. There are plenty of classic & new movies with iconic movie witches, evil warlocks, & all kinds of magical beings. However, there are only a few that are capable of entertaining their viewers as well as The School for Good & Evil while also encouraging them to redefine what good & evil mean to them.


7/7 Tedros

Tedros in The School for Good & Evil

Tedros is the movie’s bravest hero who is the son of King Arthur & Queen Guinevere. He loves the attention around him & gets a lot since he’s not only Good’s strongest fighter but also who every girl wants. While he tends to be cocky he’s also a kind & caring person who truly wants to protect others.

Tedros is also one of the movie heroes who don’t hesitate to kill even though Good should only protect & never attack in The School for Good & Evil. However, Tedros also proved that he can be quite hot-headed & act without thinking. His mindless fighting habits are one of the main things that changed because of his relationship with Agatha.

6/7 Clarissa Dovey

Clarissa Dovey in The School for Good & Evil

Clarissa Dovey is the powerful fairy godmother & Dean of Good. While her character was a bit different, more eccentric & bubbly, compared to the book, she was still caring & protective towards the children under her care. She also took the rules of Good & Evil very seriously, so much so that for a long time she wouldn’t even question some of the obvious sinister things that kept happening on Good’s grounds.

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The School for Good & Evil is one of the best fantasy movies with great world-building & Dovey’s school is certainly the most enchanting place in the story. While she might seem frivolous & even naive at times she was watching everything & everyone around her with an eagle eye at every moment.

5/7 Lady Lesso

Lady Lesso in The School for Good & Evil

Lady Lesso’s character is one of the few that changed the most compared to the book & became less sinister & more witty & fun. However, she was still one of the most memorable & entertaining characters in the movie who also had to reconsider where she st&s.

Lesso is the powerful Dean of Evil who quickly became Sophie’s mentor once she realized the young girl plays an important part in Rafal’s plans. Lesso was one of the most fun characters in The School for Good & Evil & thanks to Theron’s hilarious portrayal of the wicked Dean, this film also became one of the most magical Charlize Theron movies.

4/7 Rafal

Rafal in The School for Good & Evil

Rafal was just as conniving & devious in the movie as he was in the books. This truly dark & evil character killed everyone including his own relative in order to turn the whole world into a playing ground for true evil. Rafal was one of the School Masters for The School for Good & Evil until one day he decided that he doesn’t want to share anymore.

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He was also one of the strongest evil movie wizards of all time who was never afraid to use all types of dark magic, curses, deadly spells, & even forbidden blood magic to get what he wants. He was also a highly intelligent villain with deadly magical combat skills.

3/7 Professor Anemone

Professor Anemone in The School for Good & Evil

Professor Anemone was no doubt the most hilarious & memorable side character in The School for Good & Evil who was the strict & gorgeous Beautification teacher. Unfortunately, her character didn’t get much screen time in the first movie. However, Michelle Yeoh still managed to steal the show every time.

Professor Anemone seemed like a simple & superficial character who cares about nothing but fancy clothes & smiles. However, she was actually one of the most intelligent & powerful teachers at Good who was always loyal & protective of her students & her school.

2/7 Sophie

Sophie in The School for Good & Evil

Sophie was the boldest character in the movie who knew what she wanted & wasn’t afraid of fighting for it. While she might have been blunt & even rude from time to time her heart was always in the right place. Sophie was Gorgeous, & she was also one of the fiercest characters who didn’t get intimidated by anyone.

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Sophie first hated the school of Evil & desperately wanted to switch for Good. However, once she got under Rafal’s influence & started to get a taste of her evil powers, she felt right at home. She was one of the strongest characters in the movie who was capable of summoning evil, including animals, & was able to change her own form as well as others.

1/7 Agatha

Agatha in The School for Good & Evil

Thanks to Sofia Wylie’s brilliant performance, Agatha instantly became one of the coolest movie characters. Agatha is the most honest & loyal character in the movie & the only one who realizes the evil things that keep happening on Good’s grounds. She’s a good-hearted person who isn’t afraid of sacrificing herself for her loved ones & is capable of overcoming her fears to do what’s right.

She was also one the most thoughtful characters in the movie who tried to protect & cared for her best friend Sophie as well as everyone else around her. While she didn’t do well in many of the classes, she was actually the best student at Good who was able to hear & grant wishes.

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