The Toxic World of The Prince Family | Biannca and Damien Prince | FBE Capital

The Toxic World of The Prince Family | Biannca and Damien Prince | FBE Capital


The Prince Family content, varies from family friendly content, to disturbing pranks videos, involving Biannca and Damien Prince.
Next to this the Prince Family, really knows how to milk their entire family, which leads to multiple problems within their family.
► Do you think this amount of family vlogging is healthy?
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So if even Casey Neistat is having marital issues, from creating wholesome content, could you even imagine the stress the Prince Family is putting on their marriage and other family relationships, when they make this over the top content on a daily basis.

Maybe it explains, why the Prince family has so many prank videos, on breaking up or pretending to Fracture up, on their channel.
Because, you can fake it for the audience all day long, but at some point, you’re just lying to yourself and your relationship is hurting.

Video Structure:
00:00 Intro
01:36 Damien and Biannca Prince
02:40 Messed up Pranks
03:53 Prince Family Relationship Problems
05:42 No boundaries
07:25 Things get CRAZY
08:26 Hypocrisy Unleashed
09:27 Normalised behaviour
10:19 Misuse of the Family Brand
11:59 Overuse of the Family

When you make movie, you are on set for a couple months then the movie is done and you get to go home, no matter how crazy the scenes get.
But with these family channels, your house and your relationship is the actual set, so you never get to go home.
This puts a massive burden on your relationships, which is why you need clear boundaries, but as you are about to see, the Prince family has no boundaries.

New York 2022/2023


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