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The Walking Dead’s Negan & Maggie Spinoff Dead City Gets A Short Teaser


Dead City, the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff starring Lauren Cohan And Jeffrey Dean Morgan, just got a new teaser, & it’s a bloody good one.

Walking Dead Dead City Lauren Cohan Jeffrey Dean Morgan Maggie Negan

The upcoming Walking Dead spinoff Dead City just got a nice little teaser, & it’s definitely got all that grody walker goodness that’s sure to catch some attention. It’s hard to tell if the characters or the walkers themselves are a bigger draw here. But that’s probably a good thing.

Dead City was announced in March, featuring Lauren Cohan And Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the spinoff as their fan-favorite characters Maggie & Negan, respectively. Now, eager fans can finally catch a glimpse at what they can expect from the new series when it premieres next year. While the short teaser is light on story, it offers the spotlight to Cohan & Morgan as well as plenty of the wonderfully disgusting dangers they’ll be facing.


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Posted on the official YouTube channel for The Walking Dead, the barely 20-second teaser is clearly more interested in catching some eyeballs right here & now than revealing any important plot details. But some fans have already started gleaning what they can from it. The video’s comments feature users pointing out how, for instance, there could possibly be some new mutations for the zombies/walkers/etc. featured in Dead City. That’s got to be worth the price of admission.

For those concerned about the time frame, Dead City is reportedly set several years after the finale of The Walking Dead. This also appears to apply to the Daryl Dixon spinoff starring Norman Reedus, though it’s less clear in the case of the latter. Dead City will focus on Maggie & Negan as they find themselves in post-apocalyptic New York City. Hopefully, that’s all the premise that fans need to hear, because it’s all the premise that’s been released at the moment. But given the popularity of both characters, it certainly sounds like enough for now.

The finale of The Walking Dead offered a surprisingly optimistic conclusion, at least aside from a major character death. So a number of characters were left off with open-ended stories that allowed for more to be told going forward. Granted, this could just mean that the show ended the way it did specifically to set up the Walking Dead spinoffs, leaving the real tragedies for them. But it can’t hurt to be a little optimistic.

Of course, this is The Walking Dead. Maybe a little optimism actually can hurt. For all the fans know, the real happy ending would be to imagine that the true spinoff is Reedus appearing in Death Str&ing. It certainly wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen in a zombie show.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is set to premiere in April 2023 on AMC.

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