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The Witcher 3: How to Heal

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most popular RPGs from the PS4 & Xbox One era. However, it can be easy to forget how challenging it can be when fighting monsters & enemies. As a result, it is vital to know how to keep the protagonist healthy in & out of fights.

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Geralt fights alone, save for the occasional team-up with certain characters in quests like Vesemir & other essential characters. There are a lot of systems at play in The Witcher 3, & healing is arguably the most important, as Geralt’s health doesn’t regenerate over time.


Ways To Heal In The Witcher 3

There are several items Geralt can use to heal in & out of combat, but not all healing items are created equally, & some even Advance with drawbacks.


The Witcher 3 food inventory

Food is the most reliable way to heal Geralt, & it’s easily accessible from most merchants, Inns, & item shops. Food can also be found around the l&. Whether it’s fruits, meat, or honeycombs, there’s always a source of food to be found in The Witcher 3‘s world. Geralt can even eat raw meat as Witchers are immune from most human diseases.


The Witcher 3 potion inventory

Potions are another consumable resource that Geralt can use to heal himself in The Witcher 3. Potions like the Swallow Advance in various forms & are improved when Geralt finds new recipes/diagrams. The Witcher 3‘s potions aren’t just limited to healing. They offer protection against vampires, trolls, & other monsters.

Potions like the Killer Whale Potion increases lung capacity by 50% for underwater activities, & the Troll Decoction will heal Geralt & boost his combat abilities by 20%. However, potions have severe drawbacks if players aren’t mindful of how much they are using. Each potion has a toxicity level to prevent Geralt from using too much. Toxicity is represented by the green bar in the HUD, & once it rises above 75%, Geralt’s health will be compromised & degenerate.


The Witcher 3 meditation screen

Meditation is the easiest way to heal Geralt in The Witcher 3. Unfortunately, it doesn’t replenish the Witcher’s health in the harder difficulty settings, but if he has spirits in his inventory, he will automatically restore his healing potions. Those playing on the lower difficulty settings will find that Meditation is the best way to restore Geralt’s vitality & move time forward.

How To Heal In The Field And Battle

The Witcher 3 consumables slots

Before Geralt can heal in battle or when he’s exploring the l& in The Witcher 3, players will need to assign the food or potions into his consumables slots. When the chosen consumable items are set, press up on the D-pad to heal Geralt. One can also pause The Witcher 3 out of combat & select a healing item from Geralt’s inventory to use it.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now for the PC, PS4, Switch, & Xbox One. The PS5 & Xbox Series X/S versions will be available in December 2022.

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