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Third TRIGUN STAMPEDE Trailer Released


The third trailer for TRIGUN STAMPEDE has been released, revealing the names of three more cast members.

Vash The Stampede Looking All Goffy And Happy

A third trailer for the upcoming 2023 Netflix anime, TRIGUN STAMPEDE, was released last weekend. The new trailer reveals some new cast members, as well as the premiere date of the first three episodes of the series. The news comes after a successful panel at the Anime NYC event that happened over the weekend of 18-20 November.

Studio Orange took to Anime NYC to present the upcoming TRIGUN STAMPEDE project, with episode 1 being shown at the series’ world premiere. TRIGUN STAMPEDE is set for its worldwide release in January 2023, with availability on Crunchyroll.


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In addition to a worldwide release in January 2023, TRIGUN STAMPEDE will also have its first three episodes showcased at a special premiere event to be held at Human Trust Cinema in Shibuya, Tokyo, with tickets going on sale on November 25.

Kо̄ki Uchiyama, known for voicing the My Hero Academia antagonist Tomura Shigaraki, was announced to be voicing Legato Bluesummers in the upcoming series; while TARAKO (Kirara, Inuyasha) & Ryusei Nakao (Mayuri Kurotsuchi, BLEACH) were announced for the roles of Zazie the Beast & William Conrad, respectively.

Kenji Muto is the director of TRIGUN STAMPEDE at Studio Orange, with series composition & scripts by Shin Okashima, Tatsurō Inamoto & Yoshihisa Ueda. The original story is by Takehiko Oxi, with character designs by Akiko Satō, Kōdai Watanabe, Soji Ninomiya, Takahiko Abiru, Tetsurō Moronuki & Yumihiko Amano; while the directors in charge of photography are Ryūdai Koshida & Takashi Aoki. Music for TRIGUN STAMPEDE is by Tatsuya Katō, with sound editing by Masatoshi Katsumata.

The upcoming series is based on the Trigun manga series created by Yasuhiro Nightow, which follows Vash the Stampede, an outlaw with a bounty of 60 million double dollar looming over his head. Because of the huge price on his head, every town Vash visits is invariably destroyed by the legions of bounty hunters pursuing him; however, by some miracle, no one is ever killed in these incidents.

Two insurance agents named Meryl & Milly are dispatched to keep an eye on Vash the Stampede & prevent the copious amounts of damage that seems to be inevitable on his watch, but, they just can’t believe that the friendly, goofy, doughnut-loving man they find is the notorious criminal. He hates blood & violence & is a bit of a crybaby, but there’s more to this man than meets the eye. TRIGUN STAMPEDE is scheduled for a worldwide release in January 2023.

Source: Crunchyroll

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