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Thymesia: Best Talents, Ranked

Thymesia is an action-packed Soulslike in the vein of Bloodborne & Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Players will take on the role of the mysterious Corvus & wield the power of the plague against their foes. They’ll go on a journey searching for the past, piecing together Corvus’s shattered memories. This action RPG features grueling combat that will repeatedly knock players down if they’re not well-prepared.

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In Thymesia, players will quickly find that they cannot equip other weapons or armor. They also cannot upgrade this equipment. Instead, they must upgrade Corvus’s stats & talents. Unlocking & upgrading the best talents will ensure a smoother playthrough with fewer failures. These talents offer many possibilities, from increasing attack to guaranteeing healing at the most critical moment.


10/10 First Aid

Dying a lot in Thymesia is completely normal, as with many Soulslike titles. However, players can help reduce the number of times they succumb to their enemies through the talents they choose to unlock & level up. First Aid is an excellent choice because it can be a game-changer for Corvus.

When he is taking lethal damage from a foe, this talent will trigger the automatic use of a potion, allowing Corvus to go on for a bit longer. Unfortunately, it has limits as it can only be activated once per rest at a Beacon, but it can make a world of difference for those nearly done with a boss battle.

9/10 Full Winged

Full Winged talent information screen in Thymesia

Players won’t want to forget about the option to use Corvus’s feathers as one of his weapon options. His feathers offer a range of benefits, including keeping wounds open & interrupting enemy attacks. There is a limit to using them, which is where the Full Winged talent comes into play.

Unlocking & fully upgrading this talent will allow more frequent addition of Corvus’s feathers in battle. At its peak level, this talent will increase the number of feathers from three to seven. This means more feathers more often, making Corvus’s fighting more dynamic.

8/10 Long Dodge

Long Dodge talent information screen in Thymesia

The Long Dodge talent is essential early on in the game to give players an edge over the enemy. They can put serious distance between Corvus & his foe during battle by using this talent. It involves one long & one short dodge, both done quickly.

Players will find this talent is most effectively used when the enemy is not locked on through targeting. The use of targeting can severely impact Corvus’s movements, defeating the purpose of having this talent, as he will not move far enough away to impact his success. Once this talent is mastered, players will have the upper h& over enemies & be less likely to die in the middle of combat.

7/10 Short Claw

Short Claw talent information screen in Thymesia

Unlocking the Short Claw talent will allow players the advantage of a more powerful claw attack. When Corvus gets up close to his enemies, this talent will turn his claw attack into a quick procession of swipes that make quick work of wounds.

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When this talent is fully upgraded, it also offers health benefits. It can regenerate Corvus’s health, rewarding the most aggressive play styles.

6/10 Energised Deflect

Energised Deflect talent information screen in Thymesia

In addition to dodging, deflection is a skill that players will want to hone, as it becomes necessary to accomplish quest completion throughout the game. Energised Deflect is a perfect talent to have when blocking enemy attacks for the benefits it offers.

Players will receive restoration of Corvus’s Plague Energy as he blocks, making this talent essential for those times when energy is low. They can bide their time until they have enough energy to go on the offensive again, taking victory into their h&s.

5/10 Energised Claws

Energised Claws talent information screen in Thymesia

Corvus’s claws are the most crucial weapons he has after his plague weapons, as they drain the wounds, preventing healing. The Energised Claws talent takes this one step further by returning Plague Energy to Corvus as he attacks. When he is low on energy, taking the offensive with this attack will quickly restore him to a level where he can use his Plague Weapons.

An excellent combination is to use a ranged attack to deplete the enemy’s health & then move in for close combat with claws. During this time, energy will be restored, allowing Corvus to repeat the process once more.

4/10 Energised Weapon

Energised Weapon talent information screen in Thymesia

Running low on Plague Energy is never a good thing in Thymesia, especially when players are in the middle of a serious fight. Unlocking the Energised Weapon talent will allow Corvus to use his weapons to regain some of that energy with each strike he makes.

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It provides an excellent combination of dealing damage & replenishing much-needed Plague Energy at the same time. Players will want to upgrade this talent as soon as possible after unlocking it to receive the most benefits from it.

3/10 Sharp Weapons

Sharp Weapons talent information screen in Thymesia

At the start of the game, Sharp Weapons is an essential talent to unlock. The primary damage players will inflict will Advance from Corvus’s saber. This means they need it to have as much power as possible. Adding this talent will kick it up a notch.

Once they have unlocked Level One, they will want to quickly upgrade to Level Two. Sharp Weapons will increase how much damage players can dish out with the saber, allowing them to make quicker work of enemies.

2/10 Plague Wounds

Plague Wounds talent information screen in Thymesia

Players automatically start the game with Plague Wounds Level One unlocked. In the game, there are two health bars for the enemies. One indicates the overall health & the other indicates the wound damage. The wounds can heal unless Corvus damages them with his claws. Plague Wounds extends the time the wounds are open.

Upgrading to Plague Wounds Levels Two & Three will increase the amount of time players have to attack while wounds are open. It makes the enemies have a harder time healing & gives players an edge over the most challenging enemies in the game.

1/10 Healing Execution

Healing Execution talent information screen in Thymesia

One of the most unique talents in Thymesia is Healing Execution. It allows the player to rely less on healing potions & other talents that may boost health. Players will want to level this talent up as soon as they unlock it to receive the most benefit from it.

Healing Execution works by allowing Corvus to replenish his health when executing dazed enemies. He siphons the energy & health from the enemy, allowing him to keep his reserves intact for another day. Additionally, this makes Corvus even more powerful & harder to kill.

Thymesia is available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintendo Switch.

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