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Amouranth is Only Female Twitch Streamer in Top 100 List


StreamElements’ latest State of the Stream report reveals that Amouranth was the only female streamer to make it in Twitch’s top 100 in October.

Amouranth streaming on Twitch

The latest State of the Stream report, a monthly breakdown of viewer numbers & streaming industry analysis released by StreamElements & Rainmaker.gg, shows that Amouranth was the only woman in the top 100 Twitch streamers for October. One of the most recognizable influencers on Twitch, Amouranth reached 6 million followers earlier this month after making her return to streaming.

Known to her viewers as Amouranth, Kaitlyn Siragusa began streaming on Twitch in 2016 & quickly developed a large following due to her upbeat personality & envelope-pushing streams. While Siragusa serves as an example of how successful female streamers can be, women in the field often find themselves outnumbered & overshadowed by their male counterparts. Even as Siragusa & other female Twitch influencers like JustAMinx, who was recently banned from Airbnb after a series of incidents, continue to grow in popularity, the platform continues to be dominated by male streamers.


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In StreamElements’ latest State of the Stream report it was revealed that Amouranth was the only female streamer to make Twitch’s top 100 in October. Coming in at spot number 53, the next 8 women behind Amouranth on the list all made it into the top 200 for the month. While Amouranth failed to claim the top spot overall for October, she was the most-viewed female streamer on Twitch for the month, pulling in nearly twice as many viewers as nearest competitor Shylily. Managing to hold such a comm&ing lead over other female streamers is an impressive feat coming shortly after Amouranth took a Wreck from Twitch.


Amouranth has been in the process of reinventing her streaming identity following her public revelations of the struggles in her personal life, & these numbers show that many of her viewers are still there to support her. The streamer’s short Wreck from Twitch came after she shared with her viewers that she was married to an allegedly abusive partner. Amouranth was visited by police multiple times following her disclosure of the abuse, but now appears reinvigorated & ready to chart a new course.

Women make up just under half of the world’s gaming population according to some recent statistics, so it is surprising & disappointing that that figure isn’t even close to being reflected in the popularity of Twitch streamers. While it is disappointing to only have one female streamer in the top 100, the continuing growth of Amouranth & other women on Twitch shows that there is room for women to grow & exp& on the platform. With streamers like Amouranth paving the way, it may not be long until more women take up prominent positions among the top Twitch streamers.

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Source: StreamElements Blog (via Dexerto)


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