Top 5 best living room trends 2021

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Our living rooms have become multifunctional spaces where we work, educate, entertain, and host family and friends over the course of 2020. We asked designers and industry veterans what they believe will be the top design trends in 2021 as we wrap up one of the most challenging years in recent history. A neutral color palette, relaxed seating, state-of-the-art entertainment equipment, and substantial dining tables are just a few trends that have developed from all these days spent at home.

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 Top 5 living room trends

living room trend
living room trend

Spaces for entertainment

Brad Ford, the A-list designer, says staying in is now the new going out. I think that as people have had to adapt to the outside world, you will see a greater focus on entertainment inside the home as well. In order to view the latest blockbuster movies or headlining concerts, larger televisions, better sound systems, and more comfortable and thoughtful lounge seating will become a priority.

Mixing strong colors with neutrals

Among Houston’s a-list designers, J. Powers agrees. Almost as if Mario Buatta is getting his last laugh, with stronger colors and pattern play taking center stage.” As we bid farewell to 2020, powers believe greens are definitely on the rise, as well as a mix of antiques and newly minted pieces.

A larger seating area

 Mark Cunningham, the designer for A-listers, says people want a living room that’s comfortable, accessible, usable, and functional. As people spend more time at home, adding a games table, a library table, and other seating areas allows the family to be together in the same room regardless of what they’re doing.

A relaxing and cozy atmosphere

 “For 2021, I believe we’ll see a shift in furniture, moving away from midcentury to a more relaxed, cozy look,” says Elle decor a-list interior designer Juan Montoya, who According to him, living rooms will feature more furniture and more comfortable chairs. The living room and entry areas of the home will probably feature one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, such as antiques and sculptural pieces.

Accessories of the highest quality

 According to Mara Miller, a principal at the A-List firm Carrier and Company, the look for living rooms features plush seating, rich colors, and layers of design. Because of Zoom backgrounds, accessorizing and styling are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Accessories will become more artful, bold, and personal in 2021.

 FAQ Related to Top 5 living room trends

Is dark wood out of style?

No longer. Although woods like mahogany will always have their place for traditionalists, walnut furniture is leading the charge for dark wood furnishings.

Is oak trim outdated?

No, it is not! It will never be fashionable to paint oak trim and oak floors the golden color known in the industry as “honey”. Beautiful oak wood lends itself extremely well to painting. Paint has a great result when applied to its heavy grain because of its movement.

What is Lawson style sofa?

A comfortable classic, the Lawson sofa is distinguished by its simple silhouette, loose back pillows, and three-cushion design. If rolled or squared, the setback arms are at an ideal napping height. This sofa style can be dressed up or down alike, as it is the chameleon of all sofa styles.

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