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Maverick Paramount Plus Release Date Set For December

After a rare extended theatrical release that made it 2022’s highest-grossing film, Paramount is finally ready to signal Top Gun: Maverick‘s arrival on its Paramount Plus for the Holidays.

The highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick premiered back in late May, despite being scheduled for the summer of 2020 until the COVID p&emic forced most movie theaters around the world to temporarily shut down. Nevertheless, both Paramount Pictures & its star Tom Cruise were always adamant that the film deserved a proper run in cinemas, instead of a streaming release like many of the other blockbusters planned for that year. This strategy paid off h&somely since the Top Gun sequel earned $1.487 billion worldwide from theaters alone.


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Now, Paramount has announced Top Gun: Maverick will become available for streaming on Paramount Plus in most markets, namely the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerl&, Austria, Italy, & Latin America starting December 22. On the other h&, select locations such as France & South Korea won’t be able to enjoy Captain Pete Mitchell’s time as Top Gun instructor until 2023. The movie has been out for purchase on most digital platforms for a while, but next month will be the first time it’s readily available at no extra cost.

As a bonus, Top Gun: Maverick will also stream on Epix. This means anyone who already has access to that service won’t have to join Paramount Plus. The announcement caps off Top Gun‘s impressive year, now that Black Panther: Wak&a Forever looks all but certain to fall short of even matching the commercial numbers Maverick & company put up, thus solidifying the former as 2022’s most-watched movie overall.

Many directors, such as Quentin Tarantino, have spoken highly both about Top Gun: Maverick‘s artistic merits & what it means for a studio like Paramount to commit to its production with screenings that extend far past the 45-day period that’s become the norm in Hollywood in recent years. While this Top Gun isn’t afraid to tap into nostalgia, the movie has overwhelmingly exceeded the reputation of the original 1986 classic thanks to its ample use of practical effects & convincing storytelling for Maverick after so many years.

For anyone who somehow missed enjoying Top Gun: Maverick in all its glory, the film l&ing on streaming right around the holidays is the perfect opportunity to catch up on why Cruise’s second go at the franchise was such a hit.

Top Gun: Maverick will be available on Paramount Plus starting December 22, 2022.

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