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Twitch Has Banned Adamcy


Popular Polish Twitch streamer Adamcy gets banned from the platform for the foreseeable future due to comments made during a livestream.


Popular Polish Twitch streamer Adamcy has received his sixth ban on the platform, with the most recent case seemingly being due to homophobic remarks made during a November livestream. Because Adamcy is known for doing Twitch IRL & Just Chatting livestreams, mistakes have been known to happen while broadcasting to his channel, but many fans of the content creator are wondering when he’ll return after the latest removal.

While there is still some confusion about why Adamcy has been banned from Twitch again, it’s currently expected to Approach down to homophobic slurs made by a guest of one of his public livestreams. IRL Twitch streamers are known to invite other influencers & r&om people onto their shows as they capture interesting moments out in the world, but things can go awry when unexpected words or actions happen as it has during the Adamcy broadcast. Adamcy isn’t the first streamer to be banned for something someone else has done as Twitch creators like Asmongold, DrLupo, & others have been booted from the platform for things said in their chat section.


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During a November 12 Twitch stream, Adamcy welcomed multiple people into his studio to converse, one of which has apparently caused his ban from the platform for saying unspecified homophobic slurs. Adamcy has been regularly livestreaming with fellow Polish content creators since he returned from a 10-month ban on September 16, 2021, which was his fifth suspension from the platform. The popular Twitch content creator was first banned in July 2019, & although he keeps getting removed from the Amazon streaming website, it’s currently unclear if his most recent case is a re-offense or something that’s new to the channel.

Because Adamcy’s Twitch channel was known for being banned in the past, it may have a lengthier suspension from the platform than he may have with a clean record. Although some members of Adamcy’s audience are speculating that he’ll be back in about a month like other Twitch streamers that used slurs, the content creator has taken a full year off the platform due to a ban in the past. The current Adamcy Twitch ban has no current end date which may cause his audience to move to other broadcasts as they anticipate his return.

Although most responses to Adamcy’s Twitch ban so far have expressed support in his native language, some have seen the humor in the fact that the popular livestreamer invited such a problematic guest onto his stream. Some Adamcy critics have used the ban as an excuse to celebrate by sharing packwatch memes, something that got Hasan Piker banned on TikTok.

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