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Twitch Is Adding Live ‘Reacts’


Twitch is seemingly adding a new feature allowing viewers to anonymously react while watching a stream by using several dedicated emojis.

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Twitch will reportedly introduce a new feature allowing viewers to anonymously react to the content they watch by using a variety of emojis. This new Twitch feature will bring additional tools for a community to interact with their favorite streamer & provide content creators with more accurate ways to underst& their audience’s behavior.

Twitch has regularly introduced new features to try & improve its streaming service. On September 30, 2022, the company made it possible for streamers to see pinned messages with the new Twitch Elevated Chat feature. This option, already available on YouTube, allows viewers to pay a one-time fee to boost one of their messages & make them st& out so content creators could see them more easily. While this feature didn’t please all Twitch streamers, the company is still looking for ways to improve the interaction between content creators & their communities.


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Insider Zach Bussey revealed that Twitch will be doing an experiment where viewers can anonymously react to a live stream. This Twitch React feature comes with different reactions for users to pick from, including “Hype,” “Funny,” “Whaaat?”, “Oh no!”, & “Love.” A dedicated emoji inspired by a meme represents each of these reactions, similar to the Facebook Reactions feature.

Audiences will be able to react to Twitch’s content in real time, with a five-minute cooldown between two interactions to prevent spam. Twitch content creators will then discover how their viewers reacted to their stream once the session is over. According to the screenshot shared by Bussey, streamers will have access to a bar chart showing how many times each reaction was selected within a specific timeframe. Content creators then have the option to export this data for further analysis or access the related VOD page.

The streaming platform already implemented new options & removed some, such as when Twitch got rid of the hosting feature last September. While Twitch is testing out new options, competitors such as YouTube & TikTok are on the rise. Both platforms introduced new features targeted at content creators, from YouTube’s gaming section to TikTok’s LIVE streaming service.

Popular content creators have been leaving the live-streaming giant for a few months now, mainly criticizing the revenue split change for streamers on Twitch. The platform is seemingly looking for new ways to improve the user experience for content creators & brings additional features compared to its competitors. The upcoming Twitch React feature is not yet available but should be announced shortly.

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