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Everything Confirmed for Valheim’s Mistl&s Update So Far


While players await the release of the Mistl&s update for Valheim, there are a h&ful of posts that have hinted at items, creatures, & themes to expect. Iron Gate has teased & announced bits & pieces about this sizable update, & while players can’t be 100 percent certain of anything to Approach, there are some items & creatures that can be reliably expected for this Valheim update.

It seems as though the overall theme of the Mistl&s biome has been nailed down, as well as some creatures & materials that will be found there. Those players looking to jump back into the world of Valheim after this update will likely experience an almost completely different side of the world than they’re used to.


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The Potential Creatures of Valheim’s Mistl&s

valheim creatures mistl&s

Iron Gate Studio has shown off concept art & early designs for some creatures in the upcoming update. As with all other biomes in Valheim, the Mistl&s will be home to many hostile creatures to overcome. Thus far, players have seen concept art of a flying insect as well as a Giant Tick attacking a pair of players. Concept art for a potential dungeon with yellow cobwebs has also been shown, implying the existence of a spider-like creature.

On top of hostile creatures, biomes tend to feature passive animals that can be hunted for meat & materials. For example, boars & deer appear in the Meadows biome. Thus far players have seen the concept for a stylized rabbit, as well as a wall of different fish species. As a result, it seems likely that players will find an improvement in the diversity of fishing in Valheim.

The Structures & Materials of Valheim’s Mistl&s

mistl&s structures valheim

The Valheim community has been interested in the potential new materials & structures being added with this update. Thus far, players have seen a few images of odd, metallic structures seemingly long-ab&oned. The materials used to create these structures look to be completely unique to the coming biome, with an appearance similar to obsidian. It is unlikely that obsidian will be the material required, however, as it can already be found in the Mountain Biome – home to the Valheim‘s Frost Caves.

The Weapons & Food of Valheim’s Mistl&s Update

valheim mistl&s weapons & food

Iron Gate has added quite a few weapons since the indie game’s original release in 2021. It seems as though players will welcome even more with the release of the Mistl&s update, as alongside the longer sword shown in that screenshot featuring its new Tick enemy, developers have shown a new ranged weapon: Crossbows. There are already a few bows in Valheim, but this would be a great option for those looking for more another ranged combat.

Food is important when it comes to surviving in Valheim, & there are plenty of meal options that add to a character’s health & stamina stats. Fortunately, this list looks like it is set to grow based on early in-game photographs of unnamed meals & drinks. While the current list of meals in Valheim does a great job of giving players a chance against the world’s enemies, there is always room for more options.

Valheim is available now for PC, & releases in early 2023 for Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

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