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How Valheim Developers Aimed to Make the Mistl&s its Hardest Biome Yet

Players heading into Valheim‘s newest biome, the Mistl&s, will experience the game’s biggest challenge yet, according to Iron Gate Studio. The Mistl&s brings a host of new enemies & a unique area to explore. With large swathes of this Valheim region completely coated in a thick mist that hides the insectoid creatures within, players will need to be on guard when moving around the Mistl&s.

Iron Gate Studio’s lead artist Robin Eyre & senior developer Jonathan Smars spoke with Game Rant about Valheim‘s latest update, & provided a tour through the Mistl&s biome to sow off much of what this area has to offer. This trip through the Mistl&s featured an exploration of an Infested Mine, as well as a rundown of new items available in Valheim.


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How Valheim’s Mistl&s Biome is Designed

This biome’s namesake, a thick mist, will be the first thing players notice when exploring the newly added area in Valheim. While there are some sections of the Mistl&s that aren’t completely covered, much of this biome is nearly impossible to transverse without unlocking a Wisplight. This new item helps clear the mist, allowing players to at least see what horrible creatures are heading their way. Smars was very clear that fans should expect a lot out of the biome’s natural challenge.

“We have to add the disclaimer that this is a very difficult place, & we get murdered a lot here. We’ll do our best to keep you alive. It’s definitely going to be the most difficult biome, & we really want it to be a difficult place to go.”

With a Wisplight equipped, players will Start to uncover objects that spell out the lore & major themes behind the Mistl&s. There are enormous, ancient swords & helmets scattered across this biome that players can mine for materials. These items actually give players resources found in earlier biomes in Valheim, which is great for those who don’t enjoy backtracking.

Aside from exploring those remnants, there are dungeons known as Infested Mines that will be crucial points of interest. The dungeons of the Mistl&s hold important items such as Black Cores used for crafting. They are home to some of this long-awaited Valheim update’s trickiest enemies, so players descending into the Mines will have to contend with dungeon-crawling ticks.

The Enemies Introduced in Valheim’s Mistl&s Update

valheim creature fighting in mistl&s

These ticks are just a small sample of the enemies that players have to underst& & defeat. While showing off the overworld & dungeons in the Mistl&s, Eyre & Smars had to battle different variants of a massive creature called a Seeker, as well as the floating tick mothership known as a Gjall. Despite boasting some of Valheim‘s new magical weapons & armor from the Mistl&s, these enemies proved capable of dealing significant amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Aside from outright hostile additions to the game, Mistl&s also features a neutral race of creatures called the Dvergr – the same race as Valheim‘s merchant Haldor, according to Eyre. These Advance in Mage & Rogue styles who will not attack players on sight, but do fortify positions throughout the Mistl&s. For players just getting into this new area, it is likely best to leave the Dvergr be, or plan to use their encampments as protection. The Dvergr are hostile to the Mistl&s enemies, & armed well-enough to defend themselves if players train creatures their way.

“We wanted to bring his whole family & all his kind into the game as well. First, neutral friendly, more aggressive NPCs that you can meet & interact with a little bit.”

Beyond adding creatures within the Mistl&s, developers have also taken to making some changes with general combat in Valheim. As far as larger enemies are concerned, there will be specific points that do extra damage when hit. This includes the Trolls that are troublesome in the Black Forest biome, as well as the new Seekers enemy. Players can aim at the former’s head & the latter’s rear end for the best results, according to Eyre & Smars.

Valheim is available now for PC, & releases in early 2023 for Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S.

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