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Here we provide full details about the Video of Velamma Bhabhi Download in One-click, Velemma bhabhi comic episodes in pdf download in Hindi and English.

Who is Velamma bhabhi?

Savita Bhabhi is a name most of us are familiar with. Her first appearance was when she was the sensual neighbor next door who had a penchant for extramarital affairs. Founded in 2008 by the U.K. Puneet Agrawal (or Deshmukh) has become a hugely popular character since its debut. Po*n actors in India have become synonymous with the young housewife who is unafraid of her curves and body and who always takes control.

Savita Bhabhi isn’t the only woman who has gone viral as a result of her antics. A loving and innocent Auntie, Velamma Lakshmi is described as ‘an innocent South Indian aunty.’

Velamma bhabhi biography

Savitha bhabhi’s counterpart is velamma bhabhi, a po*nographic cartoon character of a housewife. North Indian housewives’ first names are respectfully referred to as bhabhi (sister-in-law). An anonymous person active in India promoted the character via a comic strip. As of today, this strip is owned by kirtu.com.

 The creator intended to make her look as authentic as a south Indian married woman. It doesn’t matter if the character is fictional because the audience expects them to look real.

Velamma Comics

She is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty who likes to be called Vela by her loved ones. Having a fat, hot housewife and a milf, Velamma is able to enjoy her life to the fullest.

She is the sister of the most famous comics illustrator Savita Bhabhi (previously on Kirtu.com). Here are a few Indian po*no comics for you to check out: Veena, Velamma, and Velamma Dreams. There are episodes available in three languages, English, Hindi, and Tamil. You can watch free episodes of all the shows.

About velamma bhabhi

She is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty who likes to be called Vela by her loved ones. An Indian Po*n Empire character, she is a cartoon character.

She possessed a hot figure similar to most of the women in her family, complete with boobs like they were a gift from heaven! Her innocence sometimes causes her to do something that would be considered a bit excessive. Velamma is always ready to do anything for the people she comes in contact with. The best Indian comics series chronicles Velamma’s erotic yet innocent and loving experiences. Feel her voluptuous dream and let her invite you.

It is impossible to forget about her stunning daughter, Veena, who is equally beautiful, hot, and sultry. Her sensual adventures can also be read.

‘Voluptuous aunts’

Despite a ban and controversy surrounding Savita Bhabhi, Deshmukh was confident in launching new characters because of the success of Savita Bhabhi. He says that everyone has their own preferences. Those who are attracted to Savita may find her thin and sensual while those attracted to Velamma may find her voluptuous. Ultimately, we wanted to satisfy all Indian po*n fans by offering them their favorite sensual characters. Besides Priya Rao, Rita, and Kammobai, we have also developed characters.

As Deshmukh explains, they differ in important ways. “Savita Bhabhi is a woman who explores her se*uality and enjoys the moment in her North Indian home. Despite being trapped in a marriage with no romance, she often seeks out new experiences. The naivety of Velamma gets her into situations that lead to sensual relations.”

No Shame

She is open to everything because she just discovered her se*uality. She is often shown having gender with males much younger than her and, as a result, plays into the stereotype of a ‘nanny’ for the male. A woman of enormous erotic potential, she does not shy away from playing out her fantasies, whether she is with one man or with more than one.

It’s rare to find a po*nstar like Velamma, who is unashamed of her body and curves, as well as the fact she sports pubic and body hair. “We wanted to create the appearance that she is real. The character’s appearance is expected to be realistic regardless of its fictitious nature. According to Deshmukh, the Velamma character was a result of the feedback we received from our previous characters.

Velamma is often in situations that she caused. It is put down to naivety that there is submissiveness in her. When she meets the besotted boy next door or sleeps with another female to satisfy her husband’s erotic fantasies, she doesn’t think twice before accepting his advances. The innocent nature of Deshmukh sometimes leads her to erroneous actions.

    Helping Women’s Se*uality?

    She is forced to have se* despite not wanting to, she sleeps with very young boys, and she slips off her sari without checking on the person for whom she did so. There’s an episode in which Velamma’s husband and Savita Bhabhi’s husband do a wife swap without their wives knowing. Aren’t we glorifying se*ual offenses here? The storylines are defended vehemently by Deshmukh. Incest, underage, or any other form of violent se* will never be supported by us. Velamma has femininity with all the characters over 18 years old,” says Deshmukh.

    Characters in comic po*n are morally dubious. Women who use them embody their se*uality and their need to fulfill their voluptuous desires, breaking social norms. On the other hand, they demonstrate instances in which women’s choices are not considered. It may be fictitious, but they don’t seem to be contributing much to the revolution when it comes to women’s se*uality.

    velamma bhabhi
    velama bhabhi

    Velamma bhabhi Comic pdf in English Download

    Velamma bhabhi Comic pdf in Hindi Download

    How to Download Velamma bhabhi Comics | Velamma bhabhi video

    • Download by clicking the download button
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    • You’ll now find all 93 comics in your mega app (without being charged for data usage) when you click on Import on the bottom site.
    • You can now open any comic and read it directly from the Mega app when you want.
    • Let’s look at some of Velamma Bhabhi’s Indian po*n comics.
    • The Velamma Bhabhi is first in line here, and you can view all the episodes of her that have been released.

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