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Victoria 3: How To Change Laws


Victoria 3 is a strategy game that lets players develop & guide a civilization over the course of a century. They have the option of selecting any nation, with their decision shaping the future of the entire population. The game starts in the year 1836 with a realistic representation of the world’s population. From there, players can relieve history as it played out or reshape it as they wish.

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One of the main aspects of Victoria 3 is the governing system. Players will be responsible for enacting laws, changing them as needed, & ensuring the current system takes care of the population. Their decisions can have far-reaching consequences, determining how their experience evolves & their Pop is affected. Several steps are involved in establishing laws & changing them, & players must be well-versed in both to accommodate changes within their Pop.


5/5 Underst&ing Laws

the Laws tab on the Politics screen in Victoria 3

When a player begins the game, all countries are established with the laws that best align with what they originally had in 1836. There is a wide variance between countries, & the laws in place put limitations on what the player can do at the start, such as what kind of conditions & strategies are available. However, these initial laws are not permanent & can be changed to adjust to evolving Pop needs.

There are three main categories for laws: Power Structure, Economy, & Human Rights. Within these categories are 15 areas of laws that are broken up evenly. The player can make several selections within these areas that ultimately determine how the nation functions. They can see what laws are currently in place by visiting the Law tab on the Politics screen. Here, they can see alternatives to current laws & who supports which law. For a law to be passable, it must be endorsed by a political group & unlocked on the Technology Tree.

4/5 Reasons For Changing A Law

screen showing current laws around religion in Victoria 3

The laws the player has enacted not only affect the country’s active Pops but also affect which Pops may decide to move there. For example, some laws may be unfavorable to a specific group, making them less likely to move to the player’s country. By changing the laws, they can make their country more appealing to various Pops.

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The player may also choose to change a law to appease the people. Changing the law to gain favor with political interest groups can help the player gain benefits. At the same time, they will have to consider some other group will likely be upset by the action. Additionally, they can enact a law to upset a specific group of people. They can use law-making as an effective strategy to h&le situations within their Pops throughout the game.

3/5 Enacting A Law

screen showing the country is under Isolationism in Victoria 3

The player must visit their Laws tab under the Politics screen to find the law they wish to enact. There will be an Enact button by the law that they can click on. This is not an immediate process, as the law must be put up for debate. While the player’s law is being debated, there will be a timer in the upper right-h& side of the UI. The government’s legitimacy will directly affect this timer, so the player must keep it as high as possible throughout the debate.

Any wrong arrangements of the government or angering interest groups can cause a st&still in the progress of the debate. Angering the interest groups can cause them to enter a state of opposition among themselves, which lowers the government’s legitimacy. When the timer reaches a checkpoint, four different scenarios could happen:

  • The law will be passed.
  • The law will advance. This means that the law will have a better chance of passing at the next checkpoint.
  • The law will stall. This means that the law will have a lower chance of passing at the next checkpoint.
  • The law will go to a debate. This means that a complication & event affect the law’s success rate.

2/5 An Alternative Method

a map of the United Kingdom in Victoria 3

The player can also attempt to enact a law through a political movement. During this scenario, individual pops or interest groups will back a specific law & request the player pass it. Doing this will still require having someone in power who supports the law to see the process run smoothly.

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The player must pay close attention to how popular the political movement is. If they choose not to pass a law & the movement is very popular, they could incite a revolution. When laws are presented like this, the player must carefully weigh the pros & cons before making their ultimate decision.

1/5 What Can Prevent Changing A Law

screen showing public schools cannot be active with state religion in Victoria 3

There may be circumstances where a player checks the Law tab, & the Enact button is grayed out, keeping them from enacting the law they want. Several prerequisites need to be met for a law to be passed, & any one of them could prevent it. First, the player can check if they are missing any required technology by hovering over the grayed-out policy. Second, they may have conflicting laws already in place. This will also be revealed by hovering over the policy.

The third thing the player will need to check is whether a ruling party will support the change of law. Every political group will maintain its own opinions on each law, which can be seen by hovering over the grayed-out Enact button. To achieve this, the player can move political groups from the government to the opposition; however, this will cause an increase in rebelling. Manipulating political groups to have one that supports the law will allow them to proceed.

Victoria 3 is currently available on PC, macOS, & Linux.

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