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Animals are indeed amusing creatures to watch. With funny activities exhibiting friendly behaviours, one can never be bored around animals as they not only leave a long-lasting impression but also have a positive impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. Speaking about some funny animal behaviour, it is very common to see monkeys, as well as other birds stealing food from humans. However, now we have come across a video where a bird smartly stole a woman’s earbud while she was resting under the sun and later refused to return it.
Sounds strange. Isn’t it? Well, this was the case with the woman who was soaking in the sun with her AirPods plugged into her ears. However, things went south when a bird came near to her ear and suddenly took one of the AirPods from her ear and flew away. The camera later zooms on to the bird keeps flying around holding the device in its beak.
Later, it also rests upon a place, however, still refusing to give it back to the woman. At a moment, the woman also tried to take the AirPod in exchange for a banana but in vain.
Watch the funny video here:

Originally posted on TikTok, the video was shared on Reddit by a page called Animal Being Jerks with the caption “Sound Police.” The video has gone viral since then and has left the internet in splits. People took to the comment section and shared their views.
While one user wrote, “Apple started deploying them after EVERY single person ignores their stupid volume warnings”, another person commented, “Banana for AirPod? Nope! Do birds like bananas?”
A third user wrote, “It’s because she was listening to this AWFUL SONG! Dammit, can we lose it already??” Another commented, “The sound police need to come and strip the music off this video.”
Since being shared, the video has received several upvotes and a series of hilarious comments.
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