Viral Video: Elderly Man's Reaction After Seeing His Wife Dressed As Bride Wins Internet – NDTV

The video has more than 2 million views
Videos showcasing love between elderly couples are always heartwarming to watch. There’s something extremely special about couples growing up with each other and spending a lifetime together. One such video shows an elderly man’s sweet reaction after he saw his wife dressed as a bride. The video, going viral on Instagram, shows an elderly woman throwing a delightful surprise for his husband, as she puts on her bridal clothes after many years. With a velvet dupatta, heavy earrings and ”maang tika” on her head, the woman gleamed as she sat on the sofa, waiting for her husband’s reaction. 
The video was shared on Instagram by Devika Sandhu, with a caption that reads, ‘’The way Baba fixes Bibi’s dupatta.”
Watch the video here:

A post shared by Devika Sandhu (@devikalalala)

As her husband sees her in the bridal attire, he enthusiastically claps his hands like an excited kid and flashes a huge smile on his face. He walks toward her and lovingly fixes her dupatta. Meanwhile, other family members present there loved the adorable moment and cheered for the elderly couple.

The video has more than 2 million views and over 379,666 likes so far.  Social media users loved the emotional bond between the couple. Some people said that they are so lucky to have each other, while others called it true love. One user wrote, “So cute they just visit back in time.” Another commented, “The pure joy on his face and his eyes gleaming with love.” A third said, “I don’t think our generation will ever experience this pure love.”
In a similar video that showcased the love between an elderly couple, a 70-year-old man was seen dancing energetically in a lungi and a white vest on the song Arabic Kuthi from the movie ‘The Beast’, for his wife. The video showed the man dancing his heart out as he tried to impress his wife with his smooth moves.
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