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Internet users got overwhelmed watching the heartwarming video.
A video posted on Instagram shows the reaction of a hearing-impaired girl, who was able to hear with the help of a device. The short video clip is being widely shared on the social media platforms, including by the brand Wear The Peace, and has touched the hearts of social media users.
According to the post, the seven-year-old girl is named Nestayha and she belongs to Wajir in Kenya. The girl lost her ability to hear as a result of a sickness which caused her eardrums to rupture. In the short clip shared on the social media platform, Nestayha is seen sitting on a chair as a man wearing a doctor’s torch on his head adjusts the hearing aid to properly for her ears. As soon as he sets up the device, the doctor claps to check whether the seven-year-old can hear the sounds around or not. Nestayha turns around, looks at the surroundings and then understands the source of the sound. Within seconds, she realises she is able to hear.
The little girl gets emotional and is not able to believe that she has gained her hearing back. Nestayha breaks into tears and covers her face with her hands. 
Watch the video here:
A post shared by Wear The Peace® (@wearthepeace)
The caption of the video says, “Nestayha, a 7 year old girl from Wajir, lost her hearing when she was young after she became sick and her eardrums were ruptured. She hasn’t been able to hear until today…” Since being shared, the video has amassed over one lakh views. 
Many internet users got overwhelmed seeing this heartwarming video. “Thank you guys for being out there and helping, truly the best,” said one user. 
“MashAllah!! May God grant her love, health and wealth!! Beautiful,” said another one.
A third person said, “My heart brought tears to my eyes. God bless you both for doing amazing things.” 

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The brand had partnered with UMR, a registered charity providing humanitarian aid around the world for the same. “We’ve partnered with @umrelief to provide hearing aids and screenings for children in Wajir, Kenya. For $100, you can help a child hear again ,” they commented on their own post. 
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