Viral Video: Homeless Man "Looks 20 Years Younger" After Barber Gives Free Haircut – NDTV

The barber gives the man a buzz cut and it instantly makes him look younger, fresh and clean.
A wholesome video of a homeless man looking younger after a barber gave him a fresh haircut has stunned the internet. The man was approached by Joshua Santiago of Empowering Cuts, who gave him a fantastic makeover. He provides street sleepers in United States with free makeovers, as per his Instagram bio. 
In the video, the homeless man can be seen sitting on a chair with a heavy and untidy beard. Eventually, the barber uses his machine to trim the beard and his hair. From what appears in the video, the man was not able to wash his hair for several days. The barber gives the man a buzz cut and it instantly makes him look younger, fresh and clean.
Since being shared on Instagram, the video has been viewed 27,000 times and has over 1,700 likes. It has been captioned as, “Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves!”
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One user commented, “Your such a blessing to these men. I drive public transportation and was recently told by a homeless man that he feels overlooked and is use to it. It broke my heart. So thank you for making them feel cared about & looked upon.”
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Another said, “He looks 20 yrs younger.”
“You are following in gods light! Keep doing what your doing,” said another person.

“That transformation though wow,” added another person. 
In 2020, in a similar incident, a homeless man in Brazil was reunited with his family after his photograph went viral online. Joao Coelho Guimaraes met his mother and sister after a decade of living on the streets. His family had assumed he was dead, but recognised him when his photograph was posted on Instagram by a businessman named Alessandro Lobo, who owns a men’s fashion store and barber service, according to Unilad. 
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