Viral Video Shows Man Guiding 18-Wheeler Truck Into Parking Spot Without Being In It – NDTV

Approximately 5 million people have watched the video, and 180,000 have liked it.
Every time you park a car or a large vehicle, you must be at your absolute best. It is well known that huge vehicles require more caution than regular-sized cars. When putting a large automobile or truck in a public parking spot, one always remains attentive. However, a video of a truck driver’s extraordinary parking skills that has gone viral online defies the theory of careful movements.
In the video, the driver can be seen standing outside the truck, controlling the steering wheel while doing a flawless parking job. The man is seen dodging beneath the truck door in the middle of the video as well.
Watch the video here:
That man parallel parked a semi truck, without even being inside. The hype men crazy
Approximately 5 million people have watched the video, and 180,000 have liked it. As implied by the video’s subject matter, social media users were astounded by his prowess as they continued to comment on it.

“This looks cool but it damn sure ain’t practical. It works for an empty parking lot. Try this at a warehouse or backing in from the street and it’s a recipe for disaster. Not taking anything away from the brother, just being practical and honest,” commented one user.
In contrast to previous responses, one user wrote: “As a truck driver, let me tell you why this ain’t that hard. Trucks have a thing called “creep mode,” which holds the truck at around 3 mph while you back up. Plus, it’s not on the blind side, and there are no impediments.”
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