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Warzone 2: Party Invite Workaround


Find out a fix for the Fetching Online Profile party invite bug.

how to fix broken social panel warzone 2 modern warfare 2 mw2

There will always be bugs in new releases of video games & Warzone 2 is no exception. Recently players have been receiving an error when trying to invite friends to their party. This new bug in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 causes the social panel to no longer be accessible. This leads players to not be able to invite players on their friend list to their party. But fortunately, we have temporary a fix for this issue until it gets patched, or if the problem arises again.

Fix Broken Social Menu In MW2 And Warzone 2

When attempting to access the Social panel players see the “Status: Fetching Online Profile” screen & it immediately shuts off in an infinite loop. Such as the screen below:

party invite bug call of duty modern warfare 2 warzone 2

How to Fix Friend Invite Bug in Warzone 2

We’ve found a workaround for inviting players, at least until the problem is resolved. Players must create a channel from the top right menu & then invite their friends to it.

how to fix party invite create channel call of duty modern warfare 2 warzone 2

After creating a channel, players can then invite their friends, players from other channels, & recent players that they’ve played with.

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invite friends to MW2 party through channel menu

Invite Friends To Party MW2 Glitch Workaround

Once a player has accepted the channel invite, on PC, you can Right-Click your friend’s name & access a menu that will let them join their friend’s game or they can also Invite them to their own party.

invite friends to party fix modern warfare 2 mw 2 warzone 2

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