Steve Harvey has experienced family feuds (pun intended). Three marriages, seven kids, spouses, and grandkids can be chaotic.

Through persistence, luck, and family love, he's excelled in a hard field (some of whom also share in the limelight, while others toil behind the proverbial scenes).

Pastor Olden Thorton, a Steve Harvey impersonator and Family Feud contestant, made an appearance in a segment on the former's show in late September 2016.

It's startling how similar they appear, with the preacher being a handsome and slightly gruff multiverse version of the adorable comic.

Apart from lookalikes, which every famous person must have, Steve Harvey does not have a twin brother.

But he has a lot of siblings. So let's examine the entertainer's familial relationships in more detail.

Contrary to at least another YouTube video on his channel employing the clickbait key term "twin brother," Steve Harvey does not have a twin.

The "doppelganger" is a portlier Steve in a suit. The comedian's lookalike was mistaken for him on a cruise.

The "twin" was practically given the spotlight as curious passengers followed him around and the DJ identified him as Steve Harvey.

The lookalike of Steve has siblings, one of whom has helped him climb the show business ladder.