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Weber Smokey Mountain Review 2021

There’s a good chance that you are seriously considering a Weber Smokey Mountain when you’re ready to start smoking meat in your backyard.

In this in-depth Weber Smokey Mountain Review guide, you will learn everything you need to know to buy a Weber Smokey Mountain, including how to choose the right size, how it compares with other popular smokers, and how to get the most out of it.

The problem is that you want to be sure you’re buying the right smoker, and there is so much information out there that it can be hard to make the right decision.

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Smokey Mountain Review

Three sizes of the Weber Smokey Mountain have been available since 2014.

A new 14-inch scaled-down model is available, along with an 18-inch model and a 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker.

Those names refer to the size of the cooking grates, which is indicated by the size in their names.

Prepare your food with care.

To save money, you might buy the smaller model, but if you cannot fit a large enough brisket, you might have to buy two and have two smokers clogging up your yard.

Factors to consider

Consider your largest item to smoke (usually brisket or turkey from a packer).

Some people can’t lay a rack of ribs or a full brisket flat on the 18.5″.

Although methods like the Snake Method can reduce the charcoal consumption of the larger 2 WSMs, the larger 2 WSMs will burn through more charcoal.

Do you plan to use the WSM exclusively as a smoker, or will it serve as both a smoker and a grill? It’s best to go with the 22.5-inch model if you plan to grill, although it isn’t designed for grilling.

Weber Smokey Mountain Review: An overview

Smoking and grilling appliances are among Weber’s specialties, and the company is known for its well-designed devices. Known for its innovations, this 18-inch smoker looks promising from the get-go. The device is shaped like a cylinder or capsule and is relatively compact. This smoking device has a glossy black exterior that looks so incredibly luxurious!

How does it perform and what are its capabilities? Performance-wise, this Weber Smokey Mountain grilling device is a powerhouse. However, that’s not everything we can discuss, so let’s look at each department separately

Temperature Control:

The temperature fluctuation that occurs during grilling or smoking can be a nightmare. You could end up with rubbery, unappetizing meat if you cook it at an inconsistent temperature. If you raise the temperature too quickly or too high, you’re going to end up with a pile of burned and charred meat that looks like a cremation gone wrong.


Smokey Mountain has designed this grill for efficiency, safety, and comfort. It is designed with a thermometer port that protects the probe wires from direct contact with the burning metal. As a result, you can also keep tabs on the internal temperature of the meat without interfering with the smoking process.

Additionally, the water pan keeps the smoking/grilling environment moist, which prevents the meat from drying out. It also has a heat-resistant handle so you won’t accidentally burn yourself. The lid has an adjustable vent so you can control the airflow.


Small gatherings and families will love the 18-inch smoker. Because it is rather tall, it can smoke almost anything, including chicken, turkey, fish, and even ribs. A whole pig might be a little challenging, but everything else is just right.

Salmon and ribs are perfect for the middle rack. Moreover, the Weber Smokey Mountain grills brisket in only 1.5 hours per pound, so you won’t have to sweat too much when grilling large cuts of meat.


Smokers shouldn’t cost a lot of money, only to fall apart after a few months. Buy a smoker that will last you a long time rather than a cheap one. This griller can withstand almost anything-extreme temperatures, wild weather, and time itself.

As a result of the powder-coating, the steel remains strong for a long time. Aluminum is used for the legs, vents, and internal brackets for the grates of the smoker. They are chrome-plated and easy to clean. In addition, the handles are made of heat-resistant plastic.


Whether you’re looking for handy accessories or add-ons, Weber Smokey Mountain has you covered. The smoker comes with its jacket cover so that you can smoke or grill in cooler weather.

This shredder is one of many grilling accessories that can make grilling easier. All of these products are compatible with a smoker and will make the process of smoking a breeze, whether it is a meat probe thermometer or a water pan cover.

Some of its amazing features

 I took a closer look at the things that I liked most about the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker in this part of my review.


Smoking is just one aspect of this cooker. It can be used as a grill or a barbecue, as well. However, the most impressive part is that you don’t have to change anything when you use it as a grill.

Put a fire grate and ring at the bottom instead of the water pan. Neither of these should be uncomfortable. Place the top grate where it normally goes when grilling. You’re done! Now, you can use your smoker just like any other grill.

Minimal Smoke:

There will always be smoke when grilling, but this Weber model produces less smoke than many other cookers. The smoke smell does not irritate you for a longer period, so you can grill for a longer time. You won’t have any difficulty breathing and your eyes won’t be irritated.

Smoke tends to cling to our clothes and linger on our skin. When you’re at a picnic or backyard cookout, this is especially annoying. Grilling will be less likely to adversely affect your guests due to the little smoke.

Easy Cleanup:

In addition to being easy to clean, chrome-plated grates are also durable. However, it doesn’t end there. The grates can be easily washed and dried. You only need to clean out the water pan and get rid of the ashes and unused charcoal, other than scrubbing the grates.

The interior of the grill should also be cleaned with a damp cloth after it has cooled down. Smoke will not fall into your food when it flakes off. If you need to maintain the exterior of the cooker, you just need to wipe it with a cloth after every use.


When it comes to building a smoker from the tried-and-true kettle grill, Weber has not disappointed. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker stands out when it comes to the top smokers due to its quality, ease of use, results, and affordability.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the WSM has the power to get you enjoying next-level-good smoked meats in your backyard for years to come.

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