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The 5 Best Characters In The Netflix Series


This article contains spoilers for season 1 of Wednesday.Netflix’s Wednesday has offered fans of The Addams Family a spin-off that has gotten mixed reviews from critics. While everyone agrees that Jenna Ortega is impressive, it’s harder to say that every other part of the series is super compelling. However, there is definitely some great character development as Wednesday becomes a student at Nevermore Academy & meets her roommate & classmates.


From the cheerful girl who Wednesday lives with to the principal of the school, there are several great characters in Wednesday who make up for any less than perfect elements of the show. They make the series an enjoyable viewing experience, even if it doesn’t quite l& as a great Addams Family project.

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Enid Sinclair in Wednesday

Fans wanted to see some Addams Family characters in Wednesday & Fred Armisen plays Uncle Fester, which is fun to see. There are some Chilly new characters as well, including Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). Enid is clearly different from Wednesday as the start. She loves color & enjoys life, particularly the chance to get involved at Nevermore. She attempts to show Wednesday that making friends is not only a good thing but also necessary.

The best teen horror TV shows have best friend characters who help the protagonist solve the mystery. While Wednesday enjoys not forming connections or having real pals, Enid does care about her. Enid’s scenes are always funny & sweet & she is so peppy that it’s easy to enjoy watching her.

Bianca in Wednesday

Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) is the Queen Bee of Nevermore who grows to care about Wednesday by the season 1 finale, which is a nice arc that works well. Bianca is a siren who can influence other people but tries to use her powers for good. Bianca is given a fleshed out backstory as Bianca’s mom runs a wellness app that seems to have negative intentions.

In some ways, Hogwarts from Harry Potter is the worst school, & Nevermore seems to have a tough atmosphere as well. For much of season 1, Bianca is tough & doesn’t want to welcome Wednesday into the school environment as the two are competitors. It’s nice to learn more about Bianca & learn the tough relationship that she has with her mother as this explains why she feels that she has to be the best at the school.

Tyler Galpin in Wednesday

While fans wanted to see a new version of Wednesday from The Addams Family in the TV show, it was also clear from the Wednesday trailer that there would be a monster/villain in these episodes. Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin, a coffee shop employee who Wednesday meets & actually gets along with. When Tyler is revealed as the monster who has been hunting people in the forest near the school, it’s shocking & horrible, given how Wednesday has feelings for him.

Tyler is a great character because he struggles with finding his own identity & ignoring his father, the town sheriff who doesn’t treat him with respect. It’s always entertaining when a character changes from good to evil by the season finale. Tyler keeps viewers on their toes from the first to the last episode. His reveal is also really well-done.

Principal Larissa Weems in Wednesday

Gwendoline Christie starred in Severance & is beloved for her time on Game of Thrones. The actor brings her talent to Wednesday as Principal Larissa Weems. She can shape shift & pretend to be other people, which is a lot of fun to see, & she knew Morticia Adams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) back in the day, which makes her worried about Wednesday’s time at Nevermore.

It’s never clear if Weems is good or Depraved, which adds a layer of interest to her character & makes her scenes packed with mystery. Watching Weems & Wednesday banter & spar as Wednesday keeps getting into trouble is one of the most entertaining parts of the show.

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) & Thing in Wednesday

The Addams Family fans love Morticia & Gomez & Thing is another favorite character. He fits in perfectly into the TV show as he comes along with Wednesday to Nevermore. Wednesday is thrilled to have her sidekick along for the ride, even if she doesn’t show it. And even though Thing is, of course, only a h&, it’s somehow possible to guess what they’re thinking & feeling.

Thing is there for Wednesday when she needs to sneak into places where she shouldn’t be. Thing becomes a huge part of the main mystery of season 1, which makes him feel totally necessary to the plot. It’s also nice to see such a familiar character. Even Enid grows to love & appreciate Thing, which is moving to see.

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