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5-Letter Words Starting With CHA


Fans of Wordle might want to look into this guide to get ints & tips for the trickier December 2, 2022 puzzle.

Wordle December 2 2022

Words selected for Wordle aren’t always straightforward, as difficult terms such as the one for December 2, 2022, can become a hurdle for players to overcome. In fact, some Wordle puzzles can be very tricky to solve, especially if these are words most players might not use on a regular.

This doesn’t mean the puzzle is unsolvable, however, as the right strategy may lead players to exactly the word they’re looking for. All players may need is a nudge in the right direction & the right clues to discover in order to make this challenge much easier to solve. However, just what should players be on the lookout for in order to solve this Wordle pick more efficiently?


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What It Means

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If word challenge solvers are stuck with this particular Wordle puzzle, perhaps underst&ing what it means could lead them to more valuable insights. After all, knowing the definition of a code word can give players context clues that may eventually help them arrive at the word being asked.

The old meaning of this word describes a state of annoyance but has grown to mean wearing or damage caused by rubbing objects together. Alternatively, this word also describes rubbing parts of the body together to cause sensation or warmth or to express impatience or annoyance when dealing with an inconvenience or restriction.

Technical Clues

Sometimes, all it takes for players to figure out a Wordle challenge solution is to know its technical components. When combined with the definition, a puzzle’s technical parts could help players make more meaningful insights & lead to the challenge term. Clues players may want to consider are the following:

  • This word has one (1) syllable
  • This word is a noun when describing the damage itself or the state of annoyance, but becomes a verb when describing the act itself

Suggestions For Starting Words

Another useful strategy players may want to try is to consider using starting words close to the Wordle term. That way, players may immediately gather correct letters & correct letter placement in order to make more useful Wordle guesses. Here are suggested starting words:

5-Letter Words Starting With CHA

Getting a more direct strategy may help players solve this Wordle challenge much faster. For instance, figuring out words closest to the chosen term could help users infer smarter guesses & avoid wasting their attempts. This word in particular begins with CHA-, of which there are 40 five-letter words that fit this format. Here are some of those words:


Wordle is available on browsers.MORE: Wordle: The Best Strategy For The Game

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