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5-Letter Words Ending With ME


It’s not uncommon for some Wordle puzzles to include a word that players are not accustomed to using. This is the case of the November 22, 2022, Wordle challenge, where its puzzle term may end up being a word that players don’t necessarily encounter every day.

In turn, some players may consider this particular puzzle to be much more difficult to resolve, to the point where they may even consider it impossible to crack. However, just because a term can be tricky at first glance does not mean players are no longer able to solve it properly. In fact, players may simply need more accessible & straightforward clues, hints, tips, & tricks in order to find a smoother way of resolving this puzzling item.


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What It Means


Checking out a Wordle puzzle’s meaning can help players overcome the challenge of this word game much easier, especially since the right approach to the definition can give players more useful context clues. When used correctly, this meaning may very well lead players to the right approach to figuring out the puzzle of the day.

This word means the first of importance, or from which things are derived. In turn, this also pertains to the best possible outcome or quality, & in math pertains to something divisible by itself & one. It can also be used to refer to a time that represents someone at their greatest, or a symbol after another symbol as a distinguishing mark. In fencing, this also pertains to the first of eight (8) parrying positions.

Technical Clues

While it’s possible for fans to figure out a Wordle challenge through its meaning alone, some solvers may need extra clues such as the word’s technical components. Knowing this term’s uses can give players an edge by associating its lexical parts with possible root words. Here are things to consider:

  • This word has one (1) syllable
  • This word is mostly used as an adjective describing the degree of importance or something, though it’s a noun when describing a “state.”

Suggestions For Starting Words

Starting word puzzle savants have a tricky time solving this Wordle challenge, perhaps a more straightforward clue such as starting terms might do the job. When analyzed properly, data from ideal starting words may lead to insights such as correct letters & letter placement, potentially leading players to more useful guesses. Here are starting words to use:

5-Letter Words Ending With ME

Players stuck in today’s Wordle challenge might want to consider trying to look for different solving approaches. Instead of using a word’s meaning & technical components, for instance, perhaps something more direct like words close to the puzzle solution could be more useful. The word in question ends with ME-, of which there are 69 five-letter words that end with this format. Here are some of those words:


Wordle is available on browsers.

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