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5-Letter Words Starting With DRI

Fans of Wordle who want to solve the puzzle for November 23, 2022 might want to check this guide for extra tips & tricks.

On occasion, a Wordle puzzle can prove to be a bit more confusing than players might anticipate. The November 23 Wordle challenge falls within this category since it is a word that people probably do not use every day, even though it is associated with a relatively mundane activity. However, just because the current Wordle word is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible to solve.

In fact, just the right tips & tricks may allow players to get the kind of insights they need in order to figure out the term being asked of them. Thing is, just what are the kinds of tips & tricks should players watch out for in order to make this Wordle challenge much more convenient for them to solve?


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What It Means

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Checking out a Wordle term’s definition can help players look for its solution much faster, especially when players use this meaning to grab more useful context clues. When done properly, these insights can lead players to the puzzle solution without taking too much time & too many guesses.

This word pertains to the control of the direction or speed, be it of a motor vehicle or something else entirely. This may also pertain to the provision of energy towards something, or forcing things to move in a direction. Likewise, this can describe the actual journey, or an innate will of someone or an institution to achieve a goal.

Technical Clues

Sometimes, players need more clues outside a term’s definition in order to figure out the Wordle term much faster. In this case, perhaps figuring out the word’s technical components may give way for insights that may lead players to the challenge term. Here are some technical things to consider:

  • The word has one (1) syllable
  • This word is a verb when describing the controlling of movement, but becomes a noun when describing the act itself

Suggestions For Starting Words

Another useful strategy players may want to consider when solving a Wordle puzzle is to identify starting terms. With these words, players can gather relevant insights such as correct letters & correct letter placements in order to have more useful guesses. Here are some starting words players may want to check:

5-Letter Words Starting With DRI

Going straightforward might be what Wordle players need in order to solve today’s challenge faster. This time around, players can skip looking for the word’s meaning & technical clues & instead start with words closest to the challenge solution. The word today starts with DRI-, of which there are 12 five-letter words that start this configuration. Here are some of those words:


Wordle is available on browsers.

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