The Best Consumes For Raids & Heroic Dungeons


Every RPG game involves some basic daily necessities like food & rest, even for characters like vampires or the undead. In World of Warcraft, “consumables” aren’t just for fun, but also serve as an essential part of every raider’s inventory. The raid leader will look just as closely at a player’s collection of consumes as they will a gear score.

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The term “consume” in WoW doesn’t have to mean something that is eaten, but any item that is “consumed” upon use. This applies to Spellstones & weapon oils along with the injectors that are made by Engineers. The best ones not only give the character buffs & bonuses to their most important stats but can also be shared with other party members.


7/7 Flasks

interior argonimical apothocary dalaran

Flasks were introduced in The Burning Crusade, & the few recipes that were available to Alchemists were rare & difficult to get. There’s a wider variety in The Wrath of the Lich King, but some varieties are soulbound & are only useable by high-level Alchemists.

The crucial difference between Flasks & other potions & elixirs is that they last two hours no matter what. That means that they persist through death, so a player doesn’t have to go through a whole h&ful of them in the event that they die a few times. The exact one will vary depending on the class & party role, but there are flasks that give extra hit points, spell power, & agility, among others.

6/7 Feasts

hyz fishing coast of Dragonblight northrend wotlk wow

Cooking is an important secondary profession. Anyone can learn it, so there’s no excuse to show up to a raid without an array of buff foods. However, it’s an uncomfortable fact that everyone forgets sometimes, & raids are all about working together, which is why the game now has Feasts.

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There are Gigantic & Small Feasts, which do nothing else except make characters bigger or smaller, which is fun but not useful for raids. Fish Feasts & Giant Feasts can buff the whole raid, granting each character that partakes the best ability bonus for their class & role.

5/7 Potion of Speed

exterior the argonomical apothecary dalaran northrend

There are all kinds of potions & elixirs that grant some kind of speed buff, & both are used for either combat or transportation. What sets the Potion of Speed apart is that it only lasts for 15 seconds & stacks with other potions, elixirs, or flasks that that player is already using.

Players who suck back one of these during a tense fight will get a 500 buff to Haste, an edge that is great for any class. The recipe for this potion was introduced in Wrath of the Lich King & is used by characters that are level 70 & up.

4/7 Haste Buff Foods

Onyxia in World of Warcraft

Not everyone can be an Alchemist with access to potion recipes, but anyone can max out their Cooking skill. There are several food buffs to choose from, & all of them are useful in raids depending on the player’s race & class, but Haste is a buff that’s equally useful to everyone.

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Haste wasn’t added to the array of bonuses that foods can grant until Wrath of the Lich King, & there are only five recipes in the game that currently have it. Imperial Manta Steak, Baked Manta Ray, Very Burnt Worg, Roasted Worg, & the seasonal dish C&ied Sweet Potatoes, which is only available during the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday.

3/7 Potion Injectors

Halondrus Shadowl&s boss WoW

Only Engineers can make Potion Injectors, & they get a bit of extra juice when they use them, but any character can take advantage of the faster delivery & more efficient storage options that Potion Injectors provide. There are only two kinds of potions that are available as injectors: mana, & health.

With this in mind, Potion Injectors are more about staying alive & staying mobile as opposed to augmenting an existing skill. The schematics for these injectors were introduced in WotLK, giving the ability to make consumes to one other profession besides Alchemists & Cooks for the first time.

2/7 Healthstones

in game model of the best in slot gear for warlock pre bis raid in wow wotlk classic wrath

Healthstones are crafted by Warlocks but anyone can use them. Warlocks can conjure a Soulwell that’s a veritable cookie jar & anyone else in the party or raid can take one. Before The Wrath of the Lich King, players could carry more than one Healthstone provided they were of different ranks, but that ability was nerfed when the expansion dropped.

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Different Warlocks make different cookies depending on how many talent points they’ve placed in the Soulstone section. This option is located in the Demonology tree, so these Warlocks tend to have the most powerful Healthstones. They don’t share cooldowns with other items that restore health, like potions or b&ages, which makes them even more useful.

1/7 Invisibility Potion

wow race class combos draenei rogue tauren mage orc priest

Druids, Rogues, & Night Elves have variations on the Stealth ability, but other classes & races have to improvise. One way to do that is to use a Potion of Invisibility, & there are several different kinds with different durations.

When it comes to raiding, the Invisibility Potion is more about getting through dangerous areas after a wipe or skipping sections. Sometimes, it can be used to Fracture aggro, which is a great perk, but depending on the dungeon level it doesn’t always work.

World of Warcraft & Wrath of the Lich King Classic are available on PC.

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