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World of Warcraft’s New Dracthyr Customizations Needs Some Work


World of Warcraft players are finally getting their h&s on the game’s newest hero race, the Dracthyr, & so far many have been enjoying everything that it has brought to the game. Not only does it feature a new unique starting zone seeping with classic Azeroth lore, but it also features the br&-new Empowered abilities that have helped make the Dracthyr Evoker class feel unique. Many players have already fallen in love with the class, but some players wish Blizzard would spend a bit more time on the customization options.


A major part of World of Warcraft is player customization & identity. Players sink a lot of time into these characters & want to be able to create characters that they feel best represent themselves on Azeroth. They want to customize every aspect, & Blizzard has steadily increased the customization options to give players even more ways to create their perfect character. While the Dracthyr offer some of the most in-depth customization options so far, there are a couple of crucial customization options that seem to be missing.

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The Dracthyr Visage Form Needs More Options

wow df dracthyr evoker emberthal

The Dracthyr feature a large assortment of dragon themed customizations options for players to choose from. Players can select different horns, scales, snout size, spike patterns, & even the style of the fins on their necks. The many options can lead to hundreds of different combinations, & that is only the start of the customization, as players are given even more choices when creating their Dracthyr’s visage form. However, there is one major omission that holds the customization back.

One of the major parts of the Dracthyr is their visage forms. These visage forms represent how the Dracthyr want to be seen by the other races of Azeroth. All the Dragon Aspects have their own unique visage forms, & they help newly created Dracthyr adopt their own form. While these forms can represent any race on Azeroth, players are only allowed to be a human with dragon scales.

Ebyssian takes on the form of a Highmountain Tauren, Chromie disguises herself as a Gnome, Ysera’s daughter Merithra chose to be a Night Elf, & the queen of the dragons Alexstrasza adopted the form of a High Elf. The visage forms that the dragons choose are very personal to them, & it is supposed to be a deep choice for Dracthyr players as well. However, Blizzard chose not to let players choose what race they wanted to take the form of, & that seems like a missed opportunity.

Dracthyr Transmog Needs to Be Improved

Dracthyr Evoker Dragonflight pre-patch

Adding new visage form customizations could take a bit of time, but fixing the current Dracthyr transmog situation could be a lot easier. One thing that World of Warcraft players love to do is create the perfect transmog for their characters. However, the way that transmog works with the Dracthyr can cause a bit of a headache for players.

Transmogrifying the Dracthyr visage forms works just like how it does with every other race, but the dragon form works very differently. The dragon form can only display a couple pieces of armor, & that means that the perfect visage transmog may look Terrible on the dragon form. Many players have been calling for Blizzard to implement the ability for separate visage & Dracthyr transmog, & that could go a long way to fixing this issue.

The Dracthyr offer some of the most in-depth character customization options that World of Warcraft has seen, but there is still some room for improvement. While it would probably take a bit of work on Blizzard’s part to exp& these options, doing so could turn this good new player option into something truly great.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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