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World of Warcraft Dracthyr Evokers Get New Anima Powers in Torghast


World of Warcraft players won’t be at a disadvantage running Torghast on their Evoker, as the new class also comes with its own set of anima powers.

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The second phase for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has begun, allowing players to make their Dracthyr Evokers & soar across Azeroth’s old content – some of which was redesigned to now accommodate the new Hero Class, such as the Covenants & Torghast in Shadowl&s. The initial premise of Torghast was sound – the concept of climbing floors, collecting powers, & taking on bosses in r&omized levels akin to Final Fantasy 14‘s Deep Dungeons – but done with a World of Warcraft take on the formula.


As the concept developed over the course of the beta, Torghast in World of Warcraft: Shadowl&s became burdened with one fatal problem: it was too connected to the endgame grind of the expansion. What used to be a fun experience on paper suddenly got tainted by its association with the tedious task of gathering materials for the new legendary items of Shadowl&s. Though Blizzard eventually figured out Torghast’s place in World of Warcraft, like many features from recent expansions, the fix came a few patches too late.

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With the launch of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, even though Torghast is no longer relevant in the expansion’s endgame, Blizzard Entertainment made sure that the new Evoker class could still ascend the tower & make full use of its insanely fun anima powers. However, it won’t just be generic powers that are universal to all classes – Wowhead discovered that the developers made uniquely tailored ones for both Devastation & Preservation Evokers, effectively making the new Hero Class backwards-compatible with all Shadowl&s content.

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The unique anima powers in Torghast for the Evoker range from simple & potent to complex & game-changing. Some of these offer a percentage increase in damage & healing done by each of dragonflight’s spells, while others offer the Evoker their very own Time Warp or Bloodlust effect such as Hover accelerating time by 50%. These powers will let World of Warcraft players tackle any content in Torghast with an Evoker as well as they might with any other class.

In a similar vein, Dracthyr Evokers going through Shadowl&s won’t need to complete the campaign to obtain access to their Covenant abilities, as the game will allow them to make the choice immediately upon entering the expansion. With Shadowl&s added to Chromie Time, its zones have become as viable as any in leveling a character from 1-60, though undoubtedly the fatigue will keep most players away. For those who have plans to level an Evoker, however, Torghast is certainly worth checking out at least once, even if players have gotten all the rewards from the Jailer’s sanctum.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC. Dragonflight launches on November 28.

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