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World of Warcraft Players can Get a Duck Battle Pet in Dragonflight


World of Warcraft players can unlock a cute baby duck as a battle pet through an adorable side quest chain during Dragonflight.

wow df duck mini battle pet

World of Warcraft players have discovered how they can unlock their very own duck battle pet in Dragonflight. By completing an adorable sidequest in the Dragon Isles, World of Warcraft players can have a cute duckling to follow them around & participate in Pet Battles.

The duckling battle pet can be earned when players visit the Ohn’ahran Plains–one of the new zones in Dragonflight. During the quest, players help an ancient by the name of Gracus care for a group of young ducklings.


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Gracus can be found in the Shady Sanctuary of the Green Dragonflight in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. The first quest, Some Call Me Bug Catcher, has players collect beetles to help Gracus feed the ducklings. During the second quest, Others Call Me Duck Herder, players gather the baby ducks, while the final quest, But… I am the Hero of Ducks, sends players to save Firequackers–a duckling who got himself swallowed by a giant frog. After saving the day, Gracus awards players with Pilot, a clever young duckling of their own.

During the announcement of Dragonflight, players were underst&ably excited to explore the storied Dragon Isles & take to the skies with their custom Dragonriding mounts. However, the announcement stream also revealed the existence of ducks on the Dragon Isles. The absence of the mysterious mallards from World of Warcraft was something of a meme by many players, so their Dragonflight reveal was quite hilarious. After two decades of waiting, players can finally get a duck friend of their own–& Hunter players can get even more ducks by taming them as animal companions in World of Warcraft.

Players were underst&ably overjoyed to see they can unlock a duckling in Dragonflight, & even more so that it was in such a cute quest. Some players said protecting the ducklings should take priority over stopping Raszageth & the Primalists in Dragonflight, & stated they would be completing this quest as soon as they could. They declared the ducks as reason enough for Dragonflight to be the best expansion yet, & hope World of Warcraft will eventually make Hero of Ducks as a title they can unlock.

The Dragon Isles of Dragonflight are filled with all sorts of Unbelievable creatures. Between lava snails, dragon-frog hornswogs, & the bakar hunting hounds of the Maruuk centaur, fauna-loving World of Warcraft fans have plenty of mounts, pets, & animals to collect in Dragonflight. With the new World of Warcraft expansion rolling out across the globe, players can rush to the Dragon Isles to see everything Dragonflight has to offer.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available now on PC.

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