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World of Warcraft Shares Dragonflight Survival Guide


World of Warcraft releases an official survival guide for Dragonflight narrated by some of the more popular WoW content creators.

wow df survival guide

World of Warcraft just revealed an official video survival guide for the Dragonflight expansion. This short video has tips & tricks players might need for Dragonflight, & it is narrated by three influential World of Warcraft content creators.

The official Dragonflight survival guide features Naguura, Cdew, & Hazelnutty–three prominent World of Warcraft streamers. The three content creators teamed up with World of Warcraft to Wreck down the major features coming in Dragonflight.


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The Dragonflight survival guide began with a brief overview of the expansion’s lore before talking about the new Talent Trees, professions, & Dragonriding systems. It went into detail about the four new zones of Dragonflight & gave a glimpse at the four major factions & how the Renown system worked. It introduced the eight new dungeons from the new expansion & spoke briefly on a new arena debuting in Dragonflight Season 1. Lastly, it showed off footage from the new Vault of the Incarnates raid, which opens on December 13.

While most of the information shared in the Dragonflight survival guide has already been known by many players, there were many useful tidbits & clarifications within. For the Dragonriding system, players will gradually unlock the four basic dragon types across each of the four leveling zones. Additionally, it seems Dragonriding glyphs–used to progress through the Dragonriding talent tree–may not be unlockable until players reach max level, rather than immediately as it has been in the beta. This could be a last-minute change, or it could be a simple miscommunication from the wording used in the survival guide.

Nevertheless, players are clearly excited to dive into Dragonflight. The survival guide got over 40,000 views & 2,000 likes on YouTube mere hours after its first posting. World of Warcraft has been teaming up with content creators for official collaborations more often, & fans are often glad to see these streamers, artists, & fellow players find success. Players were eager to congratulate Naguura, Cdew, & Hazelnutty on getting the awesome opportunity to appear in official World of Warcraft videos.

With World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s launch less than a week away, many players are excited. World of Warcraft players only have a few days left to look back at their time in Shadowl&s & finish up their last-minute preparations, be it unlocking limited-time mounts like Jigglesworth Sr. or the Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm, or cleaning out their inventories. Players don’t have long to wait before the next chapter of World of Warcraft unfolds with Dragonflight.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC. Dragonflight launches on November 28.

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