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World of Warcraft Players Can Make Personalized Shadowl&s Recaps Via Fan Site


World of Warcraft players take one last look at facts & figures about their adventures in Shadowl&s using a fan site’s Expansion Recap tool.

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With Dragonflight right around the corner, World of Warcraft players are taking one last look at their adventures in Shadowl&s with a new recap tool by Raider.IO. The Shadowl&s Expansion Recap taps into a player’s World of Warcraft data & pools tons of fun stats, facts, & metrics about their raiding history in Shadowl&s.

Raider.IO is a World of Warcraft fan site that focuses on progression with Mythic+ & raiding. The fan site offers tools, rankings, & news pertaining to both hardcore & casual World of Warcraft raiders.


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The new Shadowl&s Expansion Recap tool from Raider.IO pulls personalized facts from a player’s account & arrays them in an attractive, easy-to-read breakdown. Raider.IO shows how many raid bosses players have defeated, how much time they have spent in Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft, & even which other players they ran dungeons with the most. These stats & more are shared through the Shadowl&s Expansion Recap, akin to Spotify Wrapped or Facebook’s Year in Review.

Creating a Shadowl&s Expansion Recap can be done by following a few simple steps. Players must create a free Raider.IO account, & then link it to their Blizzard account. Though the Shadowl&s Expansion Recap pulls stats from all of a player’s characters, they must still choose a main character before getting started. After a few minutes to pool the data, players will have their recap, which can be easily shared over social media.

Raider.IO’s Shadowl&s Expansion Recap was a lot of fun for players. Though the Shadowl&s expansion received mixed reviews from many players, they still have fond memories from the last two years of World of Warcraft. Several of the Shadowl&s raid bosses will go down in history as some of the most fun or difficult bosses in WoW history, such as Sire Denathrius or Halondrus. Enough players were sharing their breakdowns via Raider.IO that Shadowl&s Expansion Recap has been trending on Twitter on & off since the tool went live.

World of Warcraft is about to launch Dragonflight, its ninth expansion pack. In addition to new systems, story, & the Evoker hero class, Dragonflight brings with it a new set of Mythic dungeons & raids for players to start slamming their faces into. Dragonflight Season 1 for Mythic dungeons & raids opens December 12, marking the beginning of the race for World First. From then on, players can start racking up their numbers for Radier.IO’s inevitable Dragonflight Expansion Recap in a couple of years.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC. Dragonflight launches on November 28.

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