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WoW Classic: Best Reputation Rewards


In World of Warcraft Classic, the Outl& factions possess some nifty rewards. Here are the best of the bunch.

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When Blizzard released the first expansion for World of Warcraft, one of the new features of the game was the importance of gaining reputation with certain factions. Dungeon & raid attunements existed in World of Warcraft but were only for certain characters that had completed long quest chains or attained certain rare items.

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In The Burning Crusade, gaining reputation with the factions of Outl& is one of the main goals, easily just as important as the leveling process, & the two are often connected. With the introduction of flying mounts, any Quartermaster with one in their inventory got some extra love, even if having yet another one had nothing to do with the endgame.


Neutral Factions


Ranking these factions according to the items they sell is a difficult task. Some of them are cosmetic rewards, like pets & toys, while others are essential for access to dungeons or for Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear. Rankings will depend more on personal preference & the character’s class.

  • Sha’tari Skyguard. Some nice blue items for leveling, but it’s really about the Nether Ray mount. This unique creature doesn’t have wings but swims through the air & is available in a myriad of colors.
  • The Scale of the S&s. Related to the Bronze Dragonflight, & also found in the Caverns of Time, finishing a quest chain for them attunes the character to the endgame raids. They also have an impressive stack of Jewelcrafting recipes.
  • Sporeggar. Cooks & Alchemists will put these denizens of Zangarmarsh higher on the list, as the best items they have are recipes for food & potions. The real draw, however, is the Tiny Sporebat pet that’s one of the toughest in the game to acquire considering the grind.
  • The Consortium. An elusive faction that players don’t become acquainted with until they venture into Blade’s Edge Mountains or Netherstorm. They have decent rewards for leveling including various recipes & patterns but less in the way of gear or weapons. Get at least to Revered & reap Membership Benefits.
  • The Violet Eye. Going to Katazhan? Better spend some time making nice with this group of mages. The quest chain to get to this point is a great piece of WoW lore anyway that ends in a great purple ring that’s BiS for most classes.
  • Ogri’la. Optional because it doesn’t result in admission to any dungeons or contain any BiS gear, but instead grants access to quests that players need for rare or difficult Achievements, some of which are only available during special events.
  • Cenarion Expedition. One of the higher priorities on an aspiring raider’s list, this faction is the Cenarion Circle’s branch in Outl& & they have high-level recipes, BiS gear, & a flying mount that was once the hottest thing since the Amani War Bear.
  • Keepers of Time. Another favorite faction with a whole warehouse of BiS pieces, recipes, & enchants, they also grant the player the Key of Time, which unlocks the Heroic dungeons in the Caverns of Time.
  • Lower City. The Lower City of Shattrath is where most of the trainers & tradespeople gather, & they also have the key to the Heroic dungeons in Auchinduon.
  • The Aldor. Healers & tanks often turn to the Aldor upon reaching Shattrath, but that’s a guideline, not a rule. Some of their items & enchants are BiS items for raiders.
  • The Scryers. The alternative to the Aldor, damage dealers, & magic users often choose this Blood Elf-led faction instead of the Aldor. The shoulder enchants are BiS for raiders & Heroic dungeons.
  • Netherwing. The real challenge in getting through this grind is the eye-rolling Top Gun references. There is one reward to grind to Exalted with this faction, & it’s one of the most popular mounts in the game, the Nertherwing Drake, the spawn of Deathwing himself.
  • Shattered Sun Offensive. This faction has a whole patch just for its inception, which took place a brief time after the original expansion. There are a variety of items available at various stages during the grind to Exalted, including a whole library of recipes for Jewelcrafters, Alchemists, & Enchanters.
  • The Sha’tar. Alchemists, Enchanters, & Jewelcrafters make this faction an even higher priority because of the recipes they carry. They also grant the player the Warpforged Key which opens the Heroic dungeons in Tempest Keep.
  • Ashtongue Deathsworn. The most important faction when it comes to the lore of Outl&, especially where Illidan is concerned, it’s worth doing the quest chain even if the player doesn’t plan on running the Black Temple raid.

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Alliance Factions

wow classic tbc how to get to exodar

The new areas for Alliance players in The Burning Crusade included Azuremyst Isle, the location of what’s left of the Exodar, now its own city. The Draenei were the new playable race, known previously as the main villains in a story that began in outer space.

  • Kurenai. A race of redeemed but broken Draenari in Nagr&, they have some decent rewards, but the real incentive is the Talbuk mounts of epic quality.
  • Exodar. The new Alliance city has its own faction like the others with similar rewards, which means a tabard & a selection of Talbuk mounts.
  • Honor Hold. The Alliance forces have their own faction in Honor Hold, a settlement close to the Dark Portal on Hellfire Peninsula. There are some nice rewards here but most of them are better for leveling as opposed to pre-raid BiS.

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Horde Factions

World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade Silvermoon City

The Horde got a better deal when it comes to new areas & cities in TBC when it comes to lore & design. The Ghostl&s are a fan favorite, with their enchanted yet haunted aesthetic & the setting is a callback to the same location that was featured in Warcraft III.

  • The Mag’har. An essential faction for Leatherworkers & mount collectors, this is where Horde players can find a Talbuk mount.
  • Thrallmar. The Horde outpost is just up the hill from Hellfire Citadel, there isn’t a lot here, but items do include high-level weapons & recipes.
  • Silvermoon City. The new Horde city & former home of the Forsaken leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, those Exalted with this faction can buy the Hawkstrider mount here.
  • Tranquillien. A location in the Ghostl&s, questing here forms part of the story of the lingering Scourge invasion. The rewards here are appropriate for the level, so mostly leveling gear & recipes for characters just starting.

World of Warcraft is currently available on PC.

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