Worst Ideas Characters Ever Had In Games


Players make mistakes, & that’s a given. Otherwise, the games would last a lot less time & there wouldn’t be as interesting – just like life. But, characters in games make mistakes too, & usually, these are the characters that have the possibility to become legendary, as people tend to empathize with them.

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Of course, some other characters might not be as heroic, in fact, they might be villains, & in those cases, the player gets a nice happy boost whenever they make a mistake. Either way, mistakes are human nature (or, in the case of gaming, other species nature too.)


7/7 Claude And Catalina In Gr& Theft Auto 3

Claude And Catalina Gr& Theft Auto 3

Claude sticks with Catalina right up to the beginning of Gr& Theft Auto 3, & let’s just say, it does not make a lot of sense. After all, Catalina is one of the main villains in the game. After she separates from Carl, she begins an affair with Claude & often calls Carl & tells her very intimate details about her relationship with Claude.

The pair goes on a crazy trip for nine years, from San-Andreas to Liberty City, stopping every so often to commit bank robberies. How did this love end? With Catalina shooting him because he is “small-time”.

6/7 Michael De Santa In Gr& Theft Auto 5

Michael De Santa Gr& Theft Auto 5

He might not have had that many choices in the matter, but as it turns out, faking his own death was the biggest mistake Michael did in the legendary game Gr& Theft Auto 5.

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He had Brad buried instead of him, changed his last name, & moved to Los Santos from Yankton. Not only was his new life unsatisfactory, but he had to pay the corrupt FBI agent who made the deal for him every so often. Besides, he betrayed his friends, for a constantly cheating wife.

5/7 Lovemaking With Morinth In Mass Effect 2

Morinth In Mass Effect 2

In order to romance Morinth, the player doesn’t need to do much, as she practically pushes for it. It seems like a good idea, after all, she has a very sexual nature & is as good-looking as they Approach.

But, there is a small problem: Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi, which means that she can accidentally (or not so accidentally) kill her partner in the process of lovemaking. Weirdly enough, in Mass Effect 2, the player knows what’s going to happen, but there are so many that still chose to sleep with her.

4/7 Tranquility Procedure In Dragon Age

Tranquil Dragon Age

Signing up for the tranquility procedure in Dragon Age is a Huge, Huge mistake. The characters have the chance to undergo it, but when they do, they become a little bit more than zombies – not in the way that they want to eat brains, but in the way that they do not do a lot more than just exist.

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Some say that this would be preferable to live a life of crime & murder, & sure, it might be, but having someone who is not dangerous undergo this procedure is to simply take their life & personality away.

3/7 Geralt In Witcher 3

Geralt And Yennefer Witcher 3

Breaking Yennefer’s heart, again & again, is one of the worst things that Geralt did in Witcher 3. The player has the option to continue his relationship with Triss while also continuing to tell Yennefer that he loves her & this does not end well. What’s more, this is not the only thing that he does to Wreck her heart.

He also has the option to sleep with her without committing & continue his relationship with Triss, & later, tell her that he is not in love with her anymore. But the worst thing that Geralt does, above all, is one: Forcing Yennefer to be with him because he made a wish.

2/7 Arthur Morgan In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan Group

Arthur made a lot of mistakes in Red Dead Redemption 2, & the player has also the chance to make a lot of mistakes too. Some say the mistakes are too many to be able to fix during the game, but if there is one that is above all, is his persistence to keep following the group.

It is not that he keeps following them because he is loyal, since he doesn’t believe in their plans for a long time before the ending, it is that he is just persuaded every time to go “one more time” for the perfect trick, that never comes.

1/7 Lara Croft In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Lara Croft In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

The beloved archeologist has managed to create a lot of disasters throughout the years of the franchise, but one of her biggest ones has to be in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. In the game, Lara seems to not be able to stop making mistakes. She lets Trinity take the Key Of Chak Chel, even though just her taking the key caused a huge flood that destroys the whole village they were in, then loses Jonah because Dominquez holds him at gunpoint, & because of that, she also loses the box with the artifacts. Maybe she was indeed too young to go through all this? It certainly seems so, unless luck was really not on her side in this game.

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