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WoW Dragonflight: Protection Warrior Stat Priority


Tanking is a Huge responsibility & players who take on that role in Mythic+ or Raid groups have a lot of plates to spin. In addition to underst&ing every boss fight & patrol pattern, World of Warcraft tanks also needs to have mastered their own talents, rotations, & macros.

On top of all of those responsibilities, WoW Dragonflight tanks need to underst& their own spec stat priorities in order to boost their threat, survivability, & DPS. Protection Warriors are a great option for tanking in Dragonflight content, as long as the players have their stat priorities in order.


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As always, exact stat priority does shift around a bit depending on each situation & strategy while playing this top tier tanking spec. There’s a general stat priority order that should be pretty safe though, so players will want to follow these guidelines as they reach the endgame & start making tough decisions around gear & stats for their Protection Warrior…

Protection Warrior World of Warcraft Shadowl&s Tanking Spec

Protection Warrior Stat Priority

  1. Strength
  2. Armor
  3. Haste
  4. Versatility
  5. Critical Strike
  6. Mastery

Protection Warrior Stats Explained


Strength is the primary stat for Protection Warriors. Stack as much of this as possible.


As a tank, Armor is going to be very important. The Armor primary stat increases physical mitigation. At this point, there is no cap to worry about for Armor.


Haste is the crucial secondary stat for Protection Warriors. Stacking Haste helps to reduce the global cooldown, increase Rage generation & some some great synergy with key abilities like Ignore Pain & Shield Block.


As usual, Versatility boosts all damage & healing done & decreases all incoming damage.

Critical Strike

Critical Strike has a lot of value for Warriors & is useful not just for increasing DPS, but also for increasing Parry chance. This ends up being one of the strongest damage reduction stats for Prot Warriors in Dragonflight.


Mastery will increase Attack Power, but that isn’t the most exciting part. The real selling point of Mastery for Prot Warriors is the increased chance to critically block & base block chance.

Ideal Stat Caps

At this point, the most important stat cap for Protection Warriors to be aware of is 30% Haste. Once that has been reached, the player will be at a point of diminishing returns & should consider reprioritizing stat preferences.

That should be everything that Protection Warriors need to know as they figure out their stat priorities & Start dominating the WoW Dragonflight endgame content. Be sure to check back for more WoW Dragonflight news, updates, & strategy guides in the near future. Until then, For the Horde!

World of Warcraft is available now on PC. Dragonflight launches on November 28.

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