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Xbox Gamer Uses Custom Controller to Propose to Girlfriend


An Xbox gamer uses an adorable custom made controller with a unique camouflage design & engraving to propose to their girlfriend.

Xbox Controller to Propose

A gamer has used an Xbox controller to propose to their girlfriend. Players love to customize their gaming hardware, helping make it unique to them & their tastes. There are a large number of ways for gamers to design their play space in a way that represents them, putting their own twist on things.

One way that players can make their gaming space unique is through custom controllers. There are plenty of options for obtaining special game pads that stick out, which include buying them online or adding a special flair at home. One player decided to make a unique controller to help them serve a very special purpose in what will be one of the most significant parts of their life.


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A Redditor named Sad-Team-7190 posted images of a one of a kind controller that they had made. The game pad features a pink camouflage pattern along with rosy joysticks & d-pad. In the pictures, a ring can be seen on the controller, along with the words “Wilya Maramie.” According to the user, they had used it in order to propose to their girlfriend. The gamer had stated that their girlfriend despised that they buy too many controllers, so they decided to use one to Inquire her to marry them. According to Sad-Team-7190, the Xbox controller was a prop to make sure their girlfriend did not see a proposal coming, helping make the moment a surprise. The user posted that she did say yes & that they have been engaged for several months now.

Xbox Controller to Propose 2

More images of the custom controller can be seen on Sad-Team-7190’s official Reddit post.

The game pad that Sad-Team-7190 had made is receiving a number of varied responses. While some feel the Xbox controller is cringe & do not agree with Sad-Team-7190 using it to propose, a number of Redditors thought the idea was cute. This includes a user who stated that this is a great idea if someone’s partner is a gamer, & that they would have loved it if their husb& had proposed in this manner. There were also a good number of commenters that loved the ring, saying that it was gorgeous.

Sad-Team-7190 was able to get the controller through Xbox Design Lab, which allows Xbox & PC gamers to design their own game pads. There are a good number of options, as players are able to choose from a number of colors & patterns for the controller’s body, buttons, joysticks, & d-pad. Just as Sad-Team-7190 was able to show with the piece that they had made for their girlfriend, the sky is the limit when making a custom work, allowing gamers to customize a part of their setup.

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