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Xbox Gamer Gets Perfect Gamerscore After 17 Years


One Xbox fan gets the perfect Gamerscore 17 years after the achievement system launched in 2005 with the release of the Xbox 360.

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An Xbox fan has achieved a perfect Gamerscore after playing for 17 years. Microsoft has been in the gaming console market since 2001, as the original Xbox was released in November of that year. Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S are the latest consoles under the Xbox br&, with Series X being more powerful & expensive than its S counterpart.

With the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft launched the popular achievement system that rewarded players for completing various in-game tasks. This could be as simple as finishing story missions or more challenging feats like performing a set of tasks without dying. Each Xbox achievement has a numerical value attached to it, making it easier for gamers to compare their scores with friends & other users. One Xbox fan now achieved the perfect Gamerscore 17 years after the achievement system launched.


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A Reddit user named RestiveHippo has shared an image of their Xbox profile, showing that they have an impressive Gamerscore of 123,456. RestiveHippo appears to be a fan of Xbox first-party games, as the achievements section highlights Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, & Gears 5. Their recently played section also shows Overwatch, Destiny 2, & No Man’s Sky, although it’s unclear if the poster has earned all the available achievements in any game.

They have unlocked achievements worth over 4000 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with Halo Infinite sitting at 1385 out of a 2020 total. RestiveHippo has earned a Gamerscore of 1400 in Grounded from Obsidian Entertainment while unlocking achievements worth 420 & 355 in Sea of Thieves & Gears 5 respectively.

Many Xbox achievements give users scores ending with a five or a zero, so it’s rare for the numbers to line up in this fashion. It looks like RestiveHippo got one Gamerscore by earning an achievement called “Skullmageddon’s Curse” in Double Dragon Neon to get the total to 123,456. Players can get another 19 Gamerscore by unlocking the “Victory!” achievement in the game.

One user mentioned that they normally don’t care about other players’ Gamerscore, but were seemingly impressed by RestiveHippo’s total of 123,456. They want the player to aim for a Gamerscore of 1,234,567, prompting another to state that it would take RestiveHippo 170 years to achieve this at their current speed. A few fans also want them to never play a game again to preserve this Gamerscore. However, some Xbox achievements give users 0 Gamerscore, so RestiveHippo can earn them without worrying about changing the total.

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