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Instagram Deal Makes Xbox Series S Even Cheaper


With Black Friday sales in full swing, Instagram is currently offering an additional discount on the digital-only Xbox Series S console.

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The Black Friday deals continue to add up, as Instagram is offering an additional discount on the Xbox Series S console. The digital-only Xbox Series S console was previously discounted by the Microsoft Store, but Instagram’s discount reportedly stacks alongside it to bring the console’s retail price even lower.

Though the Xbox Series S lacks a disc drive, it is capable of running all the same games as its counterpart, the Xbox Series X, but with slight compromises in performance & resolution to compensate for its cheaper retail price. However, the potential of the Xbox Series S is realized when players are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. With a robust rotation of game titles & Day One releases, Xbox Game Pass makes the Xbox Series S an affordable starting point for parents & players wanting to purchase a Microsoft console for their families or themselves. New Xbox Game Pass subscriptions start as low as $1 for the first month.


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On Twitter, Charlie INTEL posted details on how low the Xbox Series S can get when purchased on Instagram. When using the Instagram app on iOS & Android, users can take an additional 20% off their order on eligible Instagram Shop pages. One of these pages is the Microsoft Store, which already discounted the Xbox Series S to $249 for Black Friday. With the additional 20% discount on Instagram, the console’s price goes down to $199. Charlie INTEL reported that the same discount worked on the Xbox Series X as well, prior to that console selling out on the Microsoft Store. The discount also includes free shipping, & the listed discount price is before any applicable sales tax is calculated. Depending on the buyer’s location, the tax may take a small bite out of the deal but will be added to the total price at checkout. The 20% discount lasts until the end of 2022, but Microsoft’s Black Friday Sale ends in just a few days.

Once purchased & delivered, users will have plenty of new features waiting for them once their new Xbox Series S is updated to the latest Xbox system firmware. November’s update brought enhanced features to the Xbox’s Discord app, changes to store recommendations & gift purchasing, further power-saving options, & system optimization recommendations for players to browse. Microsoft rolls out Xbox system updates on a monthly basis.

Even without Xbox Game Pass, the Xbox Series S is capable of playing popular free-to-play titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, & the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone 2. With the $199 price tag on Instagram, the timing has never been better to pick up a current-generation Xbox console.

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