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How To Connect A Bluetooth Headset


The Xbox Series X/S doesn’t support Bluetooth, but there’s a workaround following these steps

Xbox controller & Bluetooth headset

The Xbox Series X/S has many features dedicated to bringing players the best sound experience possible with or without a headset. Whether the player is using the built-in Windows Sonic for Headphones, DTS Headphone X, or Dolby Atmos for Headphones, there is something for every sound fan. Granted, the latter two charges a one-off fee to use their features, but the Xbox Series X/S offers some of the best sound quality available in gaming.

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It’s surprising then that given the range of headsets available for gamers, the Xbox doesn’t use Bluetooth to connect to any devices. The official Xbox headset uses the system’s built-in propriety wireless radio frequency, but outside specially made headsets like Turtle Beach’s Stealth range, it would seem that Bluetooth sets are out in the cold. Thankfully, all is not lost, there is a workaround for owners of Bluetooth sets, & this guide will show how to get it done.

How To Use Bluetooth Headsets On The Xbox Series X/S

As mentioned above, the Xbox Series X/S doesn’t natively support Bluetooth devices due to some latency issues that can interfere with performance. However, Bluetooth is still one of the most convenient ways to connect a set of good headphones to the system. To get Bluetooth running the Xbox Series X/S, follow these steps:

Before trying this second method, players must have a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the bottom of the Xbox Controller. The Skull & Co Audio Box for Xbox Series X/S & Xbox Elite Controllers​​​​​​ are some of the most reliable available.

Skull & Co Xbox Bluetooth adapter

  • Turn on the Xbox Series X/S & the Xbox Series X/S controller.
  • Plug in the transmitter at the bottom of the Xbox Controller.

Skull & Co Xbox Bluetooth adapter switches

  • Move the Skull & Co switch in the above image to the Pair setting & hold it for a few seconds.
  • Press or hold the Bluetooth button on the headset.
  • Wait for the indicators to stop flashing, & the headset will synch up to work on the Xbox Series X/S.
  • If the headset has a mic, ensure the microphone switch on the right of the device is on to communicate with friends & other Xbox players.
  • The device will remain connected to the Bluetooth headset without needing to pair them up again.

Using a Bluetooth headset can suffer from some interference issues when there are other Bluetooth devices in range. For example, using a mobile phone can occasionally cause the audio to drop in & out.

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